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Willemstad Curacao Resort for a Day Options (2021)

Willemstad Curacao Resort for a Day Options (2021)

Jeremy CamosseSep 8 2021Travel
Willemstad, Curacao offers two Resort Day Pass options. Don't worry. It'll be easy to choose between the two! One is a golf tour at a world-famous course and the other a resort for a day excursion at a luxurious resort.
We’ve cruised to Willemstad many times and have done the “standard” tours. They’re great. Curacao has amazing beaches, blue waters, weather, and people.
We’ve also realized that the most convenient way to take advantage of Curacao's assets is with a Resort Day Pass.
Resort Day Pass Excursions in Antigua Cruise Port
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Why choose a resort day pass in Curacao?

There are a bunch of reasons for choosing a Resort for a Day Pass. Here are our top few.
Curacao is one of the safer islands in the Caribbean. Very rarely are there safety incidents in and around Willemstad Cruise Terminal. However, there's still the uncertainty of traveling abroad.
A resort is your best option if safety is a concern. You'll have no worries within the protected walls of any option below. Security and privacy are valuable amenities at these resorts. We’ve never heard of an incident within one of Curacao’s resorts. In the rare chance of a health or security issue, you'd want to be at any of these resorts vs an alternative excursion option!
From our map below, you can see that this resort is near your Willemstad Cruise Port. You'll access the property with a short taxi ride. You can expect to travel roughly 20 minutes from port to your destination.
You'll have every amenity at your fingertips. No need to worry about haggling over price, finding food, renting beach chairs, etc. And you won’t need to check your watch constantly to make sure your excursion provider will get you back on time. Your only inconvenience will be deciding which drink to order next.
Most organized shore excursions are run by “mom and pop” shops. Many do a great job. But, they’re not held to the same standards as the resort properties. The resorts will likely have newer beach chairs, fresher towels, and cleaner restrooms than any of the smaller providers throughout the island.
You’ll see the cost of a day pass averages roughly $100 per person. Both options below are more expensive. The golf outing includes greens fees and everything else needed to golf while in Curacao. The other includes a $65 food and drink credit per adult! As such, this can almost be viewed as "all inclusive." If you're going to eat and drink more than $65-worth, then we want to party with you.
Cost Comparison All Inclusive vs OtherA resort day pass will cost roughly $100 per person. That may seem expensive. Consider all of the incidentals with a normal excursion. You'll often purchase rental chairs, food, drink, and equipment rental. These can quick add up to exceed a resort pass!
If you’ve gotten this far, we’ll assume you’re “all-in” for a resort day pass in Curacao. Good decision. You'll be happy with your choice!
Below you'll find two venues available for your day visit to Willemstad Cruise Port. Take the time to analyze each. Depending on who you're cruising with, preferences will vary. You can also consider splitting up your party. It's very common for half the family to go to the resort, while the other goes to play 18 holes!

Willemstad Curacao Resort for a Day Options

In the Curacao Cruise Port Map above, you’ll see all of your available Resort Options. They're indicated by the red, palm tree icons. In this case, two are available. The black, ship icon indicates Curacao Cruise Terminal. You can see that these cruise excursion options are towards the north-west (Marriott) and south-east (golf) directions. We also note the taxi distance and any related costs for your convenience.
We've analyzed every resort day pass option in Willemstad, Curacao. Below are the two day pass options with all of the detail you'll need to make your choice.
Resort Day Pass Marriott Beach Resort Curacao Resort for a Day Willemstad Curacao

Marriott Beach Resort Curacao Resort for a Day Willemstad, Curacao

Includes $65 food & drink credit! Resort for a Day!
Marriott Beach Resort Willemstad Day Pass
Curacao Marriott Resort For The Day Pass
Marriott Curacao Pool
The resort is situated on the south-western coast of Curacao. You'll be facing the stretch of the Caribbean between the island and South America. This side of the island tends to experience calmer waters. It's ideal for those looking to get active in the water. If you prefer a less natural dip, enjoy multiple pools set up for ultimate relaxation. Pool chairs and other seating venues all have a breath-taking view of the Caribbean. One significant perk to the Marriott is that transportation is also included!
Curacao Marriott Beach includes a $65 credit (per guest) to be used on food and drink! Feel free to use this at any of the resort's three bars and four restaurants. Eat and drink poolside or at the beach. You'll have access to lounge chairs and umbrellas to make yourself comfortable on the beautiful stretch of private beaches. The Marriott also offers complimentary snorkeling gear to explore the magnificent, blue waters and underwater playgrounds. Please note that ONLY 30 day passes are available. It sells out quick so make sure to act fast!
  • $65 food and beverage credit
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Lounge chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Towels
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Free wifi
NOTE: The Marriott Beach Resort Curacao Resort for a Day has limited resort passes allocated to cruise passengers. Make sure to book well in advance to assure that there's availability.

Resort Day Pass Santa Barbara Beach Resort Golf Package - Curacao Resort for a Day Willemstad Curacao

Santa Barbara Beach Resort Golf Package - Curacao Resort for a Day Willemstad, Curacao

Includes 18 hole greens fees and transfers! Resort for a Day!
Curacao Golf Package Santa Barbara Resort
Santa Barbara Curacao Resort Golf
Willemstad Golf Excursion Santa Barbara
The Old Quarry Golf Course is a Pete Dye masterpiece. The project was finished in 2010 and is situated on the Santa Barbara Plantation of Curacao. It was named after the 19th-century limestone quarry. The course is both challenging and breathtaking. Holes meander through hills and valleys and you'll be playing through the sheltered bays of Spanish Water. USA Today featured the Old Quarry Golf Course as the "Best Course in the Caribbean" by USA Today in 2018!
Santa Barbara Beach Resort is a no brainer for the golf enthusiasts visiting Willemstad Cruise Port. We consider ourselves amongst this group and strongly recommend this Day Pass for an amazing stay in Curacao. You'll be playing Old Quarry Golf Course and do not need to worry about bringing anything other than your A game. Your day pass includes all of the essentials. You'll be provided with a Titleist set of clubs and golf shoes. Your 18-hole greens fees are obviously included as well as a golf cart. The package even includes two free drinks from the pro shop and a box lunch to keep you nourished!
  • Transportation to and from Willemstad Port
  • 18 holes green fee
  • Golf cart
  • Titleist rental club set
  • Rental golf shoes
  • Snack lunch (sandwhich, fruit, energy bar, chips)
  • 2 drinks from the Pro Shop
  • Locker Use
  • Water on course
NOTE: The Santa Barbara Beach Resort Golf Package - Curacao Resort for a Day has limited resort passes allocated to cruise passengers. Make sure to book well in advance to assure that there's availability.

We hope this post helps you to make the most of your time in Curacao.
It's tough to choose a cruise excursion. You can't go wrong with a resort for a day pass. These properties are optimized for your relaxation and enjoyment. Standard tours are great too. They're just "hit or miss." Remove all risk with one of the options above.
Check out additional options for the other ports on your cruise itinerary. The post below lists every day pass option for ports in the Caribbean!
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