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Cruise Gifts – 21 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Cruise Passengers

Cruise Gifts - 19 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Cruise Passengers

Jeremy CamosseJun 10 2021Travel
Cruise gifts are a great way create excitement for an upcoming sailing.
These gift ideas will instantly upgrade their experience.
We've surveyed hundreds of thousands of cruisers. Most agree on one thing. A few small items can have a significant impact on the cruising experience. The items below are the most frequently recommended cruise accessories.
Cruise Gifts Ideas
Why give cruise gifts?
Create Anticipation: Everyone knows the saying, "anticipation is half the fun." It's true. We love having something to look forward to. A cruise is on the top of that list. Cruise gifts are a great way to spark that excitement. A set of lanyards at the six month countdown. A set of luggage tags at three months. A travel tote bag at a month. All are great ways to build anticipation.
Cruse Agent "Thank You" Gift Ideas: Cruisers have many options when selecting an agent. They're plopping down a significant investment for their vacation. The agent receives a healthy commission from our business. We never feel like we're owed a "thank you." But, we're always very grateful when our agent sends a nice gift to show her appreciation. These small cruise gift ideas can go a long way in terms of "customer loyalty."
To Say, "You're Going on a Cruise:" She may be a bit confused when opening up a set of cruise lanyards. She may start putting the pieces together with the cruise cabin nightlight. Once she opens that last envelope with her cruise ticket, she should have a pretty good idea what's going down.
Treat Yourself: Sometimes (ok, often times), we like to treat ourselves to something nice. These cruise gifts don't need to be for anyone else. You deserve it. A few small accessories can have a significant impact on your cruise experience.
Regardless of your reasoning, here are the best cruise gift ideas of 2021.

Cruise Gifts - 19 Great Gift Ideas


Cruise Gift Ideas #1 - Cruise Lanyards

Cruise Lanyards are on the top of our Cruise Gifts Ideas list. If you've cruised, you'll notice that everyone wears these around the ship. Why lanyards? Cruisers are constantly on the go. From cabin to pool to port and back. Throughout their vacation, they'll need to keep the necessities safe and close. A waterproof badge holder fits cruise key cards, cash, and credit cards perfectly. The lucky recipient will never lose their essentials with this great gift!


Cruise Gift Ideas #2 - Cruise Nightlight

Cruise cabins are tiny. They're also very dark at night. Those midnight trips to the restroom require a little illumination to avoid damaged shins. The lights in the cabin, however, will wake up everyone in the room. This cruise cabin night light offers the perfect solution. It's motion activated to light up with activity. And it can be pointed in any direction to eliminate cranky spouses waking up with each trip. It also offers a magnetic base to stick onto cabin walls with ease!


Cruise Gift Ideas #3 - Cruise Popsocket

Does your cruise buddy love to take selfies? We're guessing the answer is


Cruise Gift Ideas #4 - Cruise Power Strip

This must have cruise item is on the top of all cruisers' packing lists. Cruise cabins typically have just two plugs. Yet we all have phones, laptops, cameras, e-readers, and countless other devices requiring constant juice. Unfortunately, any old power strip won't work. They must be


Cruise Gift Ideas #5 - Travel Tote Bag

She'll need a handy tote bag for trips back and forth to the pool and port. Carry towels, snacks, reading material, and a change of clothes easily. The travel tote folds up into the palm of her hand when not in use. It's also ideal for port visits. She'll need extra space for those souvenirs. This offers more than enough space for any new trinkets! It's machine washable and extra durable for many cruises to come.


Cruise Gift Ideas #6 - Cruise Luggage Tags

Give the gift of guaranteed luggage. We've had our bags lost on a cruise. It's a terrilbe way to start your cruise vacation. That's why these cruise luggage tags are a favorite gift for travel agents to send their clients. The cruise lines suggest that you print your issued e-tags and to STAPLE them onto your luggage! No thank you. We arrive in style and with the assurance our luggage does too. Click through to find the cruise luggage tags by specific line.


Cruise Gift Ideas #7 - Muster Drill Shirt

If your cruise gifts recipient has a good sense of humor and fondness for boat cocktails, this is a must have item. Muster drills are a


Cruise Gift Ideas #8 - Take me to your Lido Shirt

Do you have a nerdy friend who loves drinking and cruises? Here's a funny cruise t-shirt to combine those passions in one ridiculous display. He or she will enjoy countless smiles with every wear. This is a must have for the social cruiser in your life!


Cruise Gift Ideas #9 - Cruise Nail Strips

Cruise Nail Strips are a great way to stand out on a cruise. These Carnival Cruise inspired nail strips feature nautical designs in red, white and blue. They're guaranteed to get some attention from passerbys on the ship and multiple daily compliments. The nail strips are incredibly easy to apply. They're vibrant colors and should last for the entire cruise.


Cruise Gift Ideas #10 - Hanging Cruise Organizer

Does the cruiser in your life need some cabin organization? If so, the tops our list of cruise gifts. Easily organize your cruise tiny cruise cabin to keep clutter free all week. The cruise hack here is to use


Cruise Gift Ideas #11 - Magnet Hooks

Magnet hooks pair well with the cruise organizer seen above. These attach to most cruise walls as they're made of steel. Stick them anywhere throughout the cruise cabin. The magnetic hooks are extra strength to hold wet towels, organizers, purses, or other. Check any


Cruise Gift Ideas #12 - Washy Washy Cruise Shirt

If you haven't seen the


Cruise Gift Ideas #13 - Sanitizer Bottle Kit

The next few cruise gifts top our packing list for


Cruise Gift Ideas #14 - UV Sanitizer Box

Ultraviolet light is on the forefront of our nation's fight against virus and illness. This technology is used in our hospitals and now available to take aong anywhere sanitization is needed. In a few minutes, the user can dissinfect items like an iphone, key card, toothbrush and more. Additionally, it comes with a handy phone charger. It sanitizes and charges at the same time! This is one of our favorite post-pandemic cruise hacks. It'll make for an amazing cruise gift for the health-conscious cruiser in your life.


Cruise Gift Ideas #15 - UV Sanitizer Wand

This cruise gift is even more portable than the sanitizer box shown above. Now they'll have the power of ultraviolet dissenfection in their pocket or purse. It's battery operated so does not need a plug or adapter of any sort. Wave it over any item needed sanitization and it kills pathogens within 30 seconds of application. Cruise ships have really upped their game when it comes to health and safety. But, this provides one additional step of protection.


Cruise Gift Ideas #16 - Face Mask

Nobody wants to wear face masks on their next cruise. But, if required, why not make it fun? These nautical face masks are bound to turn some heads. In a sea of boring masks, they'll stand out as the most spirited. They may not be able to see all the smiles they create, but just know under those other masks that they're there!


Cruise Gift Ideas #17 - Porthole Sticker

We like to call this one the


Cruise Gift Ideas #18 - Sticky Frames

Cruise Door Decorations are a must have item for that extra level of personalization. Every cabin door is identical. This can get extra confusing after a long happy hour. These sticky frames easily apply to the stateroom door with any printed decoration. They're also great for inside the cruise cabin to display daily itineraries, food menus, and more. We like to post a fun new daily message showing our hometown and reason for cruising. It always gets a few fun comments from our ship mates.


Cruise Gift Ideas #19 - Towel Bands

Towel bands are an amazing new invention and one of our favorite cruise gifts. Old school cruisers love towel clips. These are bulky and often break. Towel bands are the hottest ticket. These wrap around beach or pool chairs to keep towels firmly attached without blowing into the ocean. They also offer a convenient way to find your cruise setup amongs a sea of similar towels and chairs!


Cruise Gift Ideas #20 - Phone Pouch

Water and smartphones go together like peanut butter and horseradish. Unfortunately, the two meet frequently on cruise ships. Everyone is constantly handling their phones and there's no shortage of water to be found. With the new safety protocols, phones will also replace key cards. This phone pouch and lanyard set solves all these issues. They'll have the device handy and safe for frequent and dry use!


Cruise Gift Ideas #21 - Cruise Ticket

Cruise customers are often disappointed that they don't receive a physical ticket after booking. They want something to touch. Something that they can post to their refrigerator. Fortunately, we have the solution to this as well. Gangwaze offers a free cruise ticket template. Use our widget to customize and download your cruise ticket in minutes. You can then print it out and include it with any of the cruise gifts mentioned above.

If you're thinking of getting cruise gifts for friends or family, these are wonderful ideas. We hope you find the perfect item.
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