Cruise Ducks - FREE Duck Tags Template - Download & Print NOW

Cruise Ducks - FREE Duck Tags Template - Download & Print NOW

Jeremy CamosseSep 15 2022Travel

Cruise Duck Tags are the second most important item needed in the cruise ducking game. You've acquired your little, rubber friends. Now they need labels. Fortunately, we have what you need.

In our post below, we provide the best options for the following.

Duck Tag Options Below
Duck Tag Options Below
  • FREE printable Cruise Duck Tags
  • FREE customizable Tags WITH TRACKING
  • Amazon pre-made Ducking Labels with elastics

First let's go over some of the basics. For those that are new to this phenomenon, here's a bit of background.


What are cruise duck tags?

You're probably familiar with the concept of "cruise ducks." People hide these lovable creatures while on their ship. Other passengers find these and appreciate the little surprise. The "finder" then re-hides the cruise duck or takes it as a souvenir.

Duck Tags are a very important piece of this interaction. Without them, these ducks have no context. No story. No personality. These cruise ducking tags typically provide the following pieces of information:

Common label Items for Ducking Tags
Common label Items for Ducking Tags
  • FROM: The duck hider put a lot of time and effort into their efforts. They deserve a little credit. This field allows for the originator to add names.
  • DATE: This displays the date that the individual's cruise.
  • HOMETOWN: It's fun to know where on earth this duckie came from. The "hometown" field lets the hider show off the location that they call home.
  • MESSAGE: Sometimes, there's extra space for a special message. This can be really fun. Unfortunately, space is limited on these little tags.
    PRO TIPCruise duck tags should be more than just standard, printed paper. They should be printed on thick stock paper. It's also a good idea to reinforce these with lamination. At the least, you should cover a printed tag with tape to reinforce that. Otherwise, it will likely rip.

    Which option is the best for you? That's all going to depend on ducking preferences.

    Below we highlight the Pros and Cons of each method. We're confident that you'll find the perfect solution below.

    You're not tied to just one strategy! Most people choose to hide dozens of ducks. Feel free to implement multiple methods seen below!


    #1 - FREE Cruise Duck Tags Templates (DIY)

    The DIY method involves a bit more work and a few ingredients. You'll need a printer, paper, ink scissors, and a hole punch. You'll also want some elastics or ribbons to tie your labels onto your duckies.

    Here's a comprehensive list of what you'll need for this method.

    DIY Materials List
    DIY Materials List
    • Paper (thick stock)
    • Printer & Color Ink
    • Hole Punch
    • Rubber Bands or Ribbons
    • Scissors
    • Pen or Marker (non-smudge)
    • Laminate or Tape (optional)


    STEP 1: Click to Download your Free Cruise Ducks Tags Template.

    STEP 2: Print your tags on thick-stock paper. Make sure to choose "double-sided" in your printer settings. This will perfectly print out your labels with a front and back design.

    STEP 3: Hand write your info on each tag. Include your ship, date, name and any special message you might want to include.

    STEP 4: Cut out your cruise ducking labels and hole-punch where indicated by the circle. Feel free to laminate or cover with tape at this point. This is not necessary if done on thick stock paper. If on regular paper, you'll likely want to laminate or apply tape for protection.

    STEP 5: Add your elastics or ribbons. Tie or stretch the labels around your ducks and you're ready to go!


    The method above is the most common. Most of us have these necessary items at home. It makes for a really fun arts & crafts experience with the kids and a great way to get excited about your upcoming sailing!

    Here are the downsides of this strategy. It could be costly. Thick-stock paper and elastics will cost roughly $15 from Amazon or your local supplies store. Ink is also very expensive. If you're running low, this could cost as much as $50 to replenish. The DIY method also doesn't have that professional look and feel. "Cutting a perfect circle" is easier said than done.


    As convenient as this method is, there are some major drawbacks. These labels don't offer the space needed to add many fun details. AND... they can only be used ONE TIME. Once you've filled in your tags, anyone finding the ducks has no space to add a message or other details.

    Most importantly, though... you'll likely never hear back from anyone who finds your ducks. You can follow the social media hashtags and hope to see a post. In all likelihood, though, you'll never see your sweet little yellow guy again.

    Fortunately, there is a much better solution!



    #2 - FREE Cruise Duck Tags WITH TRACKING

    We have a NEW option to register your cruise duck AND track it, for FREE! You can do this with as many or as few of your ducks as you'd like.


    Step 1: Click here to register your cruise duck. Add a unique name, bio, cruise info, and even a photo for its profile.

    Step 2: At the end of the registration process, you'll be given a custom cruise duck tag with personalized tracking code. Print it out on card-stock paper. There's no need to write anything on the label. All info is added for you!

    Step 3: Punch a hole where indicated. Add an elastic or ribbon to affix the custom tag to the registered duck. That's it!

    When a fellow passenger finds it, they'll go to the web site noted. They'll add the custom code and details on their discovery. You'll get notified with these details. Every time your duck is found, we'll send you an email showing you who found it and any added notes & photos!

    The cruise ducking fun can go on and on with each finder. And you'll get to participate in the journey with each notification!



    #3 - Cruise Duck Tags on Amazon

    We also offer our pack of 30 cruise duck tags on Amazon. These come on thick-stock paper, pre-cut and including elastic bands. You can easily customize these labels in the empty, input fields. They include the same cruise duck template info as seen above.

    This option is the quickest, easiest, and probably the cheapest. You won't have the tracking capabilities as seen above if choosing just this method.




    We hope that this provides you with all of the info you'll need to properly tag your cruising ducks!

    Use Multiple Methods!You're not restricted to just one method! We like to buy a set of 30 tags for bulk hiding. It's not likely that you have the time to register dozens of ducks. We recommend registering 4 or 5 of your favorite ducks, then adding the generic tags to the rest.

    Soon, we hope to offer Tracking Tags on Amazon. If you'd like to see that happen, please let us know in the comments below!

    Cruise Duck Schwag

    If you're a true cruise ducking fan, we have the perfect item for you. Cruise Duck Lanyards are an incredibly cute way to show you're part of the flock.

    Click below to find these cruise duck lanyards on Amazon.


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