Mr Sanchos Menu [Food & Drink] for All Inclusive & Pay as you go Guests

Mr Sanchos Menu 2019 | All Inclusive & "Pay as you go" Food & Drink Lists

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  • Aug 16th 2018
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Below you’ll find Mr Sanchos Menu in all of its glory. The food and drink served here is one of the many reasons that Mr Sanchos is so well known (it actually might be the most popular shore excursions in Cozumel.) From shrimp to fajitas to burgers, their food menu will have more than you need to fill up. And wash it down with some delicious, frozen concoctions from Mr Sanchos Drink Menu, complete with margaritas, daiquiris, mixed-drinks, beers and non-alcoholic refreshments.

All Inclusive vs Pay as you Go

We often get asked whether the All Inclusive option at Mr Sanchos is worth the money or if guests should opt to “pay as I go.” It’s a great question with the annoying answer, “it depends.” Luckily, the formula is pretty simple. If you think you’ll consume roughly these items or more shown below, go for the All Inclusive option. The items below represent an average of the costs for the associated items on Mr Sanchos Menu.

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Mr Sanchos Pay as you Go Food Costs

In our humble opinion, that’s not a ton of food and drink shown above. We could put that down within the first hour at Mr Sanchos.

The cost for Mr Sanchos All Inclusive is $49.95 found here.

Maybe you’re not as big of an eater or drinker. In that case, you’ll want to check out Mr Sanchos menus below. Find the foods and drinks that will work for you. Remember, too, that you’re on vacation. There’s an added value to having no restrictions to think about when ordering.

Mr Sanchos Food Menu

At the resort, you’ll find traditional Mexican dishes along with a few American items for the unadventurous types. Many people rave about the shrimp cocktail and the ceviche dishes. You’ll have the option to visit a buffet to quickly grab some of the menu items shown, or order from your waiter. It’ll typically take 15 to 20 minutes per order and you can continue to order until you’re full!

Food TypeDishA la CarteAll Inclusive
AppetizerMexican salsa with chips$4.00Included
AppetizerTraditional Nachos$9.00Included
AppetizerNachos with chicken$9.00Not Included
AppetizerNachos with beef$15.00Not Included
AppetizerNachos with shrimp$15.00Not Included
AppetizerNachos with chili beans$12.00Included
AppetizerCaribbean fries (spicy)$8.00Included
AppetizerFrench fries$8.00Included
The Best of the BeachSeafood soup$8.00Included
The Best of the BeachCheese Quesadillas (3)$8.00Included
The Best of the BeachQuesadillas (3) with chicken$10.00Included
The Best of the BeachQuesadillas (3) with beef$11.00Included
The Best of the BeachQuesadillas (3) with shrimp$12.00Included
The Best of the BeachCoconut shrimp (4)$14.00Included
The Best of the BeachShrimp cocktail$17.00Included
The Best of the BeachShrimp ceviche$17.00Included
The Best of the BeachMixed seafood civeche$17.00Included
The Best of the BeachShrimps any style$19.00Included
The Best of the BeachFried calamari$13.00Not Included
The Best of the BeachFish fillet any style$16.00Included
The Best of the BeachWhole fried fish$26.00Included
The Best of the BeachLobster any style$33.00Not Included
The Best of the BeachGrilled fisherman's platter$65.00Not Included
TacosChicken tacos (3)$9.00Included
TacosFish tacos (3)$11.00Included
TacosBeef tacos (3)$15.00Included
TacosShrimp tacos (3)$13.00Included
TacosLobster tacos (3)$27.00Not Included
FajitasChicken fajitas$12.00Included
FajitasBeef fajitas$16.00Included
FajitasShrimp fajitas$19.00Not Included
FajitasMixed fajitas (beef & chicken)$16.00Not Included
FajitasFajitas combo (beef, chicken & shrimp)$20.00Not Included
BurgersGourmet burger$11.00Included
BurgersGourmet burger with cheese & bacon$12.00Included
BurgersVegetarian burger$9.00Included
BurgersChicken breast sandwich$9.00Included
BurgersHot dog$6.00Included
DessertsIce cream of the day$4.00Included
DessertsIce cream of the day with Kahlua$6.00Included

Here are some user uploaded photos of food items from Mr Sanchos menu.

Mr Sanchos Drink Menu

This is where the bill can add up. It’s also the main reason we go All Inclusive at Mr Sanchos. Your bartender will happily serve up margaritas, daiquiris, cocktails, beers, or non-alcoholic beverages. Below, you’ll find the many options for both all-inclusive and “pay as you go” guests.

Mr Sanchos Margaritas & Daiquiris

These are the beautiful and colorful drinks you see on Instagram. If you’re going “a la carte,” you can get these in three different sizes. If all-inclusive, you’ll get them in a small, 10-ounce plastic cup as seen in our pictures. It’s been reported that these drinks are lacking on the alcohol.

Drink TypeDrink NameIngredientsAll InclusiveRegularYardSuperyard
Margaritas & DaiquirisStrawberryServed frozen or daiquiris styleIncluded$8.00$10.00$14.00
Margaritas & DaiquirisTamarindServed frozen or daiquiris styleIncluded$8.00$10.00$14.00
Margaritas & DaiquirisPeachServed frozen or daiquiris styleIncluded$8.00$10.00$14.00
Margaritas & DaiquirisMangoServed frozen or daiquiris styleIncluded$8.00$10.00$14.00

Mr Sanchos Cocktail Menu

You’ll find a wide array of alcoholic drink options here. We’d recommend trying the Mr Sanchos special or the michelada-style drink.

Drink TypeDrink NameIngredientsA la CarteAll Inclusive
CocktailsMr Sanchos SpecialTamarind Margarita with salt/chill rim$8.00Included
CocktailsSexy MangoCoconut rum, mango juice, grenadine$8.00Included
CocktailsMango MadnessMango Margarita with salt/chill rim$8.00Included
CocktailsPai HaiWhite and dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, served in a fresh pineapple$8.00Included
CocktailsSex on the BeachVodka, melon liquor, pineapple juice, cranberry juice$8.00Included
CocktailsMiami ViceRum, half Strawberry Daiquiri & half Pina Colada$8.00Included
CocktailsTicket to FlyVodka, gin, white rum, tequila, orange liquor, pineapple juice, grenadine$8.00Included
CocktailsDirty MonkeyVodka, coffee liquor, pina colada, fresh banana$8.00Included
CocktailsCozumel BreezeVodka, coconut rum, lemon juice, Sprite$8.00Included
CocktailsBanana MamaWhite and dark rum, banana liquor, fresh banana, coconut cream, grenadine$8.00Included
CocktailsPina ColadaWhite rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice$8.00Included
CocktailsLong Island Ice TeaTequila, white rum, gin, vodka, orange liquor, coke, lemon juice, syrup$8.00Included
CocktailsBlue SeaPina Colada, Blue Cacao, melon liquor, coconut rum, mango liquor, pineapple juice$8.00Included
CocktailsMr Sanchos CheladaBeer, tequila, orange liquor, lemon$8.00Included

Beer Options at Mr Sanchos

Some people are worried about drinks having too much sugar or too little alcohol. Avoid both issues by going the beer route. If opting for “pay as you go,” you’ll have more options than if you get the day pass.

Drink TypeBeer NamePay as you GoAll Inclusive
BeersXX Lager$4.00Included
BeersSuperior$4.00Not Included
BeersBohemia$4.00Not Included
BeersTecate$4.00Not Included
BeersTecate Light$4.00Not Included
BeersCoors Light$5.00Not Included

Other Sodas, Drinks & Water

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Drink TypeDrink NameA la CarteAll Inclusive
Soda & OtherCoca Cola$3.00Included
Soda & OtherCoca Cola Light$3.00Included
Soda & OtherSprite$3.00Included
Soda & OtherFanta$3.00Included
Soda & OtherBottled Water$3.00Included
Soda & OtherIced Tea$3.00Included
Soda & OtherCongas$3.00Included
Soda & OtherLemonade$3.00Included
Soda & OtherHorchata$3.00Included
Soda & OtherJamaica$3.00Not Included
Soda & OtherTamarindo$3.00Not Included

Here are a few user photos of options from Mr Sanchos Drink Menu.

From the thousands of reviews about the resort and its food / drink, the vast majority were positive. People love this place! Here are a few of the higher quality reviews relating directly to food and drink.

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We hope these menus helped make your decision and that you have an amazing time in Cozumel.

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