Cabo San Lucas Resort for a Day Options (2022)

Cabo San Lucas Resort for a Day Options (2022)

Jeremy CamosseAug 20 2021Travel

Cabo San Lucas Mexico offers a couple great Resort for a Day pass options. Treat yourself to an all inclusive experience during your day at port.

We’ve cruised to Mexico many times and have done the “standard” tours. They’re great. Cabo San Lucas has amazing beaches, blue waters, weather, and people.

We’ve also realized that the most convenient way to take advantage of Mexico's assets is with a Resort Day Pass.

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Why choose a resort day pass in Cabo San Lucas?

There are a bunch of reasons for choosing an All Inclusive Day Pass. Here are our top few.



Cabo San Lucas is one of the safest ports in Mexico. Very rarely are there safety incidents in and around Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port. However, there's still the uncertainty of traveling abroad.

A resort is your best option if safety is a concern. You'll have no worries within the protected walls of any option below. Security and privacy are valuable amenities at these resorts. We’ve never heard of an incident within one of Cabo San Lucas’s resorts. In the rare chance of a health or security issue, you'd want to be at any of these resorts vs an alternative excursion option!



From our map above, you can see that all resorts are very near your Cabo San Lucas Cruise Port. This offers a sense of comfort for many cruise goers. Each option below is accessed with a short taxi ride. You can expect to travel roughly 15 minutes from port to your destination.

You'll have every amenity at your fingertips. No need to worry about haggling over price, finding food, renting beach chairs, etc. And you won’t need to check your watch constantly to make sure your excursion provider will get you back on time. Your only inconvenience will be deciding which drink to order next. This is an easy “problem” to solve since drinks are all-inclusive.



Most organized shore excursions are run by “mom and pop” shops. Many do a great job. But, they’re not held to the same standards as the resort properties. When you’re done with your snorkeling gear at RIU, they’ll clean and sanitize the equipment. After a tour with “ Lou’s Snorkeling Fun Time,” the gear might get a quick splash of Corona before the next cruise passenger straps it on. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but hopefully you get where we’re going. The resorts will likely have newer beach chairs, fresher towels, and cleaner restrooms.

Cost Comparison All Inclusive vs OtherA resort day pass will cost roughly $100 per person. That may seem expensive. Consider all of the incidentals with a normal excursion. You'll often purchase rental chairs, food, drink, and equipment rental. These can quick add up to exceed a resort pass!


You’ll see the cost of an all-inclusive day pass averages roughly $100 per person. This is similar to the cost of a cruise excursion in Cabo San Lucas. However, you’ll find much more included at a resort. A beach excursion includes many "hidden" costs. You might pay for beach access. Chair rentals will cost $20 per. Drink costs will likely be double that. Then you'll likely want to tack on events like kayaking or snorkeling.

You can easily spend $100 per person going "a la carte." And you'll likely leave a bit hungrier and “thirstier” than if the situation were all-inclusive. There's also an intangible value to the buffet style. The freedom to order whatever you want all day long is a huge bonus.


How much does it cost to cruise to Cabo San Lucas?

Are you cruising to Cabo San Lucas? If you don't yet have your Mexico cruise booked, check out our link below. There you'll find every cruise option to this port with the cheapest available pricing options. Compare the cost from multiple providers. Feel free to click through for all of the details you'll need.


If you’ve gotten this far, we’ll assume you’re “all-in” for a resort day pass in Mexico. Good decision. You'll be happy with your decision!

Now we'll need to find the perfect day pass option. It will depend on your crew. Are you traveling with kids or are you on a romantic getaway? Are you hoping to get active or more interested in relaxing? Is price an important factor?

Below are a couple amazing all inclusive options at Mexico’s best resorts. This is an easy decision made by most. It will depend on whether you're cruising with a family or as a couple. If traveling with kids, you'll want to pay attention below. One resort is adults-only, while the other is a perfect option for families!

Cabo San Lucas Resort for a Day Options

In the Mexico Map above, you’ll see all of your available Resort Options. These properties offer exclusive day pass tours to cruise passengers. The anchor icon indicates Cabo San Lucas cruise port. You can see that all are nearby. We also note the taxi distance and any related costs for your convenience.

We've analyzed every resort day pass option in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Below are the Best Options with all of the detail you'll need to make your choice.


Breathless Resort Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Adults-Only, All-Inclusive Breathless Resort!!

Your Cabo San Lucas Day Pass offers unlimited options to spend your day in port. In addition to the gourmet drinking and dining options, you have a number of options available to get active on the property. Breathless is popular with those looking to get wet. It's situated on the beautiful Medano Beach and offers some of the safest swimming available in greater Cabo San Lucas. The resort offers non-motorized water sports as well. Enjoy all of this while taking in the spectacular views from the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

Breathless is an Adults Only resort catering to younger (or younger at heart) couples visiting Cabo San Lucas. Your day pass offers all you can eat and drink with top-shelf spirits included. Order fancy drinks and gourmet dining options from the pool or beach, as wait staff will serve you at either. Or you're free to sit down in one of multiple restaurants offered. You can choose between Espumante (Italian), Kibbeh (Mediterranean), or Fish Nets Grill.

Included Resort Amenities
Included Resort Amenities
  • Unlimited food & drink
  • All you can drink booze
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Lounge chairs
  • Towels
  • Umbrellas
  • Free wifi
  • Non-motorized water sports

NOTE: The Breathless Resort has limited resort passes allocated to cruise passengers. Make sure to book well in advance to assure that there's availability.



RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Luxury, All-Inclusive Resort Day Pass at RIU Palace Resort!!

You'll be in full relaxation mode during your RIU Palace cruise excursion. The property is a favorite among beach goers. The stretch of coastline is pristine. Spend the day soaking up rays with full beach amenities. RIU provides lounge chairs, umbrellas and towels for your comfort. You and your crew will have a perfect day if choosing this day pass option.

RIU Palace is another great all inclusive, day pass option for cruise passengers porting in Cabo San Lucas. You'll have access to multiple pools as well as beach access to a gorgeous stretch of pristine coastline. The resort is a favorite with families. There you'll find children's pools and playground area to keep kiddos active. While they're at play, parents can enjoy two swim-up bars. For land lovers, you have another three bars to choose from to take full advantage of those bottomless drinks!

Included Resort Amenities
Included Resort Amenities
  • Unlimited food & drink
  • All you can drink booze
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Fitness center
  • Sauna
  • Lounge chairs
  • Towels
  • Umbrellas
  • Swim-up bar
  • Children's pool
  • Children's playground
  • Free wifi

NOTE: The RIU Palace has limited resort passes allocated to cruise passengers. Make sure to book well in advance to assure that there's availability.



We hope this post helps you to make the most of your time in Cabo San Lucas.

It's tough to choose a cruise excursion. You can't go wrong with a resort for a day pass. These properties are optimized for your relaxation and enjoyment. Standard tours are great too. They're just "hit or miss." Remove all risk with one of the options above.

Check out additional options for the other ports on your cruise itinerary. The post below lists every day pass option for ports in the Caribbean!


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