Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos – We Have a Winner

Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos - We Have a Winner

Jeremy CamosseApr 15 2021Travel

We're often asked, "Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos... which is the best Cozumel day pass?  Don't worry, we won't give you the typical and annoying answer, "it depends." We have a clear cut winner here. After analyzing a bunch of factors, the Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos contest is finally settled.

Before we get into the contest rules and ultimately ding the bell, there's something to be said. While these are two of the most popular options, you have seven other great choices for your day at port. For details, see our full list of 9 All Inclusive Day Pass Options in Cozumel.

There's a resort option for everyone, whether an intense snorkeler, partier, or lounger.

If you've checked out the other options and are settled on Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos, then we're here to help. Below you'll find an infographic showing the two resorts along with a number of different characteristics we've found are most important to visitors.

Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos - Infographic

From the analysis above you can see that Mr Sanchos seems to be the winner when looking at total amenities. However, Nachi Cocom is significantly cheaper if traveling with a family.

Consider who you'll be traveling with. Are you going with a family of six or as a couple adults?

If just two adults, you'll save $10 on the face value of tickets if choosing Nachi Cocom. The extra features offered by Mr Sanchos may be worth the money.

A family with multiple children may choose Nachi Cocom based on price. Child tickets are significantly cheaper at Nachi!


How much does it cost to cruise to Cozumel?

Are you cruising to Cozumel? If you don't yet have a Mexican cruise booked, check out our link below. There you'll find every cruise option to this port with the cheapest available pricing options. Compare the cost from multiple providers. Feel free to click through for all of the details you'll need. A cruise ship is the perfect way to get to Cozumel, whether planning to visit Nachi Cocom or Mr Sanchos!


Now back to the battle. Below find all the info you'll need for your choice between Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos.


Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos - 15 Round Fight

We'll go through each of the factors noted in our infographic. The details below should provide a bit more color and to help understand how each round was scored.

We break down the resort by the items most important to our community. From ticket price to wifi access. You'll find all of the info you need below!

### Crowd

Both resorts limit the amount of daily passes sold. It's highly recommended that you reserve your spot as soon as possible if interested.

Nachi Cocom allows only 150 people per day to their resort. We recommend that you check availabilty immediately if interested. CLICK HERE to check Nachi Cocom Availability.

Mr Sanchos has 3x the capacity, allowing 450 guests per day. Please note that these are two of the most popular cruise excursions in Cozumel. They often sell out. We recommend that you check availabilty immediately if interested. CLICK HERE to check Mr Sanchos Availability.

Book IMMEDIATELY if Interested (Risk Free)Both resorts sell out extremely quickly. Book immediately if interested. Using the links above, you can easily cancel if you change your mind. You'll get a 100% refund up until the day you actually arrive to Cozumel.
### All Inclusive

Both resorts are all inclusive. This "includes" all of the most important items you'd need for a great beach day. Namely, food, drinks (including alcohol), beach, and beach amenities. You'll have comfortable chairs, umbrellas, hammocks and more to get some sun or lounge in the shade.

### Pricing for Adults and Children

You'll want to pay close attention to price by age. This can save you money if traveling with a bigger family and varying ages!

### All Inclusive Price (Adult)

Mr Sanchos charges $60.00 per adult for an all inclusive day pass. Nachi Cocom entrance fee is slightly less at $55 per adult. You can take that extra $5 and buy a luchador mask on your way back to the ship.

Adult Price (Ages 18 and up)
Adult Price (Ages 18 and up)
  • Mr Sanchos: $60
  • Nachi Cocom: $55
### Child Price

This is where things get a bit tricky. If traveling with anyone under 18, you'll want to check out the pricing list above.

Child Pricing Mr Sanchos & Nachi Cocom
Child Pricing Mr Sanchos & Nachi Cocom
  • Ages 16 to 18 | Mr Sanchos: $40
  • Ages 16 to 18 | Nachi Cocom: $39
  • Ages 12 to 15 | Mr Sanchos: $40
  • Ages 12 to 15 | Nachi Cocom: $29
  • Ages 4 to 11 | Mr Sanchos: $35
  • Ages 4 to 11 | Nachi Cocom: $19
  • Ages 0 to 3 | Mr Sanchos: Free
  • Ages 0 to 3 | Nachi Cocom: Free
### Resort Hours

This is an easy round going to Nachi Cocom. The resort opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM. This is an hour more than its rival, which doesn't open until 9:00 AM. Typically, cruise ships arrive to port very early. For the early risers out there, this extra hour can come in handy.

### Taxi Costs

There are no winners here. The two parks are relatively equidistant from all three Cozumel cruise ports and will cost the same via taxi. You can use our Cozumel Cruise Port Taxi Rates post for exact costs to all nearby attractions and also for our secret to saving money on taxis in Cozumel!

### Wifi

Hopefully, "wifi" won't be too much of a factor in your decision between Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos. But, we get it. You need to check you fantasy football stats, facetime the kids, and check that bank account balance after previous night at the cruise ship casino. Nachi Cocom offers a small area with free wifi, while its competitor has no ability to connect to the outside world.

### Child Entertainment

Depending on your mindset, kiddie attractions could be a "plus" or a "minus" in your Nachi Cocom vs Mr Sanchos decision.

If you have the little ones with you, it's a huge bonus. The kids can entertain themselves while you hit the bar. If you don't have kids (in life or just on ship), you might not want to see any of the little angels nearby.

Neither resort offers child-specific options like playgrounds or the like. Both have aqua parks for a cost. If a kiddie-area is a "must have" amenity, you can check out other options in our full list of Cozumel Resort Day Passes.

### Water Park

Mr Sanchos offers an Aqua Park with a bunch of features. Included are the following: Climbing Icebergs & Rocks; four Water Trampolines; Pyramid Slide; Water Totters; Moonwalk with Bouncers; Rock Slider.  Unfortunately, however, access to the water park isn't included in your admission price. It'll cost an extra $12 for all-day access to this area.

Nachi Cocom does not offer a water park.

### Swim Up Bar

If you're like us, this is a mandatory item when picking your day pass. Fortunately, both properties offer beautiful swim-up bars. Just be weary of the guy who never leaves his underwater barstool.

### Snorkeling

Surprisingly, neither resort offers snorkeling gear with your admission pass. At Mr Sanchos, you have the option to rent equipment for the day. It will cost you $20.

Nachi Cocom has a guided snorkeling excursion for $38. This seems a bit crazy, since you can purchase one of those brilliant new full-face snorkels for less than that on Amazon and keep the snorkel for other ports.

### Water Sports

Mr Sanchos offers kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. Nachi offers nothing in terms of water sports.

### Other Extras

Mr Sanchos slightly wins in terms of additional "free" extras. You'll have access to lockers free of charge. Also available are tiki huts, hammocks, jacuzzi, and beach volleyball court.

Nachi Cocom doesn't offer any similar, free amenities. But, it does have a few add-ons for a cost. As mentioned, snorkeling can be purchased for $38. Beach massages and photo packages are also available at a price.

### Towels

Towels are not included with your Nachi Cocom visit. You'll need to bring your own from the cruise ship. Just don't lose it, or it'll cost you.

At Mr Sanchos, you can rent towels for $5 (after your $10 refundable deposit).

### Cancellation Policy

Easy winner here. Mr Sanchos offers a full refund with a cancellation made with more than 11 days advanced notice. The competition does not offer a refund.

Based on the factors above, we had to pick Mr Sanchos as our winner. Some people will disagree and we totally understand. Both offer an amazing way to spend your day in Cozumel.

Regardless which you choose, you'll want to book before these sell out. Click below to see if passes are still available for your day in Cozumel.

Check Availability for Mr Sanchos Day Pass

Mr Sanchos resort has a capacity of 450 guests. It's one of the most popular at Cozumel and sells out quickly. Be sure to book early to reserve your spot. Click the button below to see if spots are available for your day in port!

Nachi Cocom resort has a capacity of just 150 guests! It also sells out very early. Be sure to book early to reserve your spot. Click the button below to see if spots are available for your day in port!

Check Availability for Nachi Cocom Day Pass

We hope that you found this post helpful. If so, please use the share buttons below to help others in the cruise community. Have a great stop in Cozumel!


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