What Country are Cruise Passengers From? [Solved]

What Country are Cruise Passengers From? [Solved]

Jeremy CamosseDec 1 2021Travel

Which countries do cruise passengers come from? Most cruises leave from the United States. Does that mean most passengers are from the US?

The Cruise Lines International Association puts together some great statistics every year. We've prettied up some of their demographics info for your to view below.

We love meeting new people on a cruise. We intentionally request to be seated with others at dinner. This is the easiest way to make new ship mates! International friends are among the most interesting. Our chart below gives you an idea of where international cruisers are coming from.

This infographic shows the country of origin for all cruisers in 2019. We purposely used data from 2019 vs 2020. The latter was an "unusual" year to say the least. 2019 numbers should give a much more normalized snapshot.

Average Cruise Passenger Country of Origin
Average Cruise Passenger Country of Origin
  • United States: 14,199,000
  • Germany : 2,587,000
  • UK&Ireland: 1,992,000
  • Mainland China: 1,919,000
  • Australia: 1,241,000
  • Canada: 1,037,000
  • Italy: 950,000
  • Brazil: 567,000
  • Spain: 553,000
  • France: 545,000
  • Taiwan Region: 389,000
  • Singapore: 325,000
  • India: 313,000
  • Japan: 296,000
  • Hong Kong: 191,000
  • Mexico: 167,000
  • South Africa: 158,000
  • Argentina: 151,000
  • Switzerland: 140,000
  • Austria: 136,000
  • Netherlands: 123,000
  • Malaysia: 121,000
  • New Zealand: 106,000
  • Norway: 98,000

This data is very intresting, but doesn't tell us the full story. Country of origin will drastically change depending on a number of factors. The most obvious will be "departure port." If the cruise leaves from Europe, it will likely contain more Europeans.

Here's another look at the national make up of cruise passengers. The size of the flag indicates the percentage make up of that population on cruises.

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