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Cozumel Cruise Port Taxi Rates [2021]

Cozumel Cruise Port Taxi Rates [2021]

Jeremy CamosseJul 13 2020Travel
Here you'll find Cozumel taxi rates to and from each cruise port. You'll also find a hack to easily save 50% on your cab fare!
The Cozumel Cruise Port at which you arrive will depend on the ship you're sailing. All cruise vessels will dock on the west side of the island and within a relatively short distance of one another. The island is small, so all beaches, parks, and attractions are easily accessible via taxi.
While some cruise excursions include transfer, most do not. You'll need to catch a cab or van. Below you'll find Cozumel Cruise Port Taxi Rates for all major landmarks near port.
At the end of the blog post, we reveal a cruise port hack to save you 50% on your Cozumel Taxi Rate! Seriously... no gimmicks or shadiness. One simple trick to save you a good chunk of change on your taxi ride to and from Cozumel Cruise Port.

Punta Langosta, International Pier or Puerta Maya Terminal?

Cozumel has three main terminals servicing all cruise vessels. If you know yours, click below to jump forward to your specific cruise dock.
If you don't know the cruise terminal at which you'll dock, it's not a big deal. You can still get a good estimate of all Cozumel cruise port taxi rates from the tables below. The docks are close enough to where the differences won't vary by more than a few dollars between those.
In this map, you'll find the most popular things to do in Cozumel Cruise Port. Clicking on each will show you the taxi rates depending on your cruise port.
NOTE: Are you planning an All-Inclusive Resort for the day? We have a much more comprehensive piece showing all costs, amenities, and attractions included in each. You'll find that here - 9 Best Resort Day Pass Excursions in Cozumel.
For all available excursions at this port, you'll want to check out our Cozumel Excursion Options here.
If you know the cruise port at which you'll be arriving, you can find the exact costs based on passenger count. For groups of four passengers or less, you'll find the far left column applicable. If you're showing up with five people, you're stuck in the awkward middle column. And, if traveling with a heard (more than five), check out the column to the right.

Punta Langosta Terminal

Taxi Rates from Cozumel Cruise Port (Punta Langosta) Infographic
Punta Langosta Cruise Terminal is within walking distance of Downtown San Miguel. There you'll find plenty of options for shopping, drinking, dining and sightseeing. San Miguel is the largest city on the island of Cozumel.
The cruise lines most often using Punta Langosta include Disney, Oceania, Norwegian Cruise Line, Silversea, Regent and Crystal. If you're sailing any of these into Cozumel, it's likely that this will be your dock.
Below are taxi rates to the most popular beaches, parks and attractions from Punta Langosta Pier.

Taxi Rates from Punta Langosta Terminal

No Data

International Pier Terminal

Taxi Rates from Cozumel Cruise Port (International Pier) Infographic
International Pier is also referred to as "SSA Mexico." The dock is a few miles southwest of Downtown San Miguel and Punta Langosta cruise dock.
Passengers sailing either Royal Caribbean or Celebrity are likely arriving here at SSA Mexico. The pier also hosts cargo vessels and is integral in Cozumel's importing and exporting abilities.
International Pier is located very close to Puerta Maya terminal. If looking for your closest shopping and dining options, Puerta Maya offers an array of commercial options.
You'll probably be headed out to explore one of Cozumel's many shore excursion options. Many tours require participants to provide transportation. Below are van and taxi rates leaving from International pier and going to the most popular things to do while in Cozumel.

Taxi Rates from International Pier Terminal

No Data

Puerta Maya Terminal

Taxi Rates from Cozumel Cruise Port (Puerta Maya) Infographic
Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal is the newest and prettiest of all of Cozumel's cruise ship docks. It was built with Carnival's collaboration and hosts most of the ships coming in under Carnival's flag. If you're sailing any of Carnival's other owned brands (Princess, Cunard, Costa, P&O, AIDA, Holland America, Seabourn) then you'll likely be docking here as well.
The terminal itself provides a number of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. As an example, you'll find Diamonds International, Dufry, Piranha Joes, and Tres Amigos restaurant.
Try not to get caught up in the excitement at Puerta Maya Pier. There's plenty more exciting things to do while in Cozumel. Below is a list of things to see and the associated taxi costs from Puerta Maya Terminal.

Taxi Rates from Puerta Maya Terminal

No Data

Cozumel Cruise Port Taxi Rates FAQs

How much is a Cozumel taxi from cruise port? The cost for a taxi from Cozumel cruise port will depend on your ship's terminal and your destination. Cab fares will range from $8 to $35 with an average cost of $17 for a one-way fare to one of Cozumel's most popular destinations. For an exact cost from your specific port, check out our full post.
What would it cost for a Cozumel taxi for the day? Booking a taxi for the day in Cozumel will cost roughly $130. For that price, you'll get your own driver waiting for you at port. His or her service will last roughly five hours. This is a good option if planning to visit four or more major destinations. Otherwise, you'll save money if going "a la carte." Use our cruise port taxi rates table above to determine whether a Cozumel taxi for the day is right for you.
How much is a Cozumel taxi to Chankanaab? Regardless of your specific cruise port terminal in Cozumel, a taxi to Chankanaab will cost $12 per each way. See our full post for additional info and our hack to save 50% on this fare.
How much is a Cozumel taxi to Mr Sanchos? A Cozumel taxi to Mr Sanchos will cost $17 to $18 (per each way) depending on your specific cruise port terminal. See our full post for additional info and our hack to save 50% on this fare.
And now as promised, our cruise cab hack.

Cruise Port Hack - Save 50% on Your Taxi Cost

Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's super easy to do. Here's the hack to save you 50% on your taxi. Most of us cruise with one other person. Cozumel taxis charge by the car-load, rather than by the person.
Many passengers are heading to the same place. Find another couple that's going to the same place and share a taxi. Not only is it a great way to make friends, it'll save you roughly $20 to and from your excursion destination. Make sure to arrange this in advance of the taxi stand. Otherwise, the cab drivers will give you a hard time.
We hope that the information above helps you best choose your cruise excursion. Make sure to check whether transfer is included when looking at your Cozumel shore tours.
When comparing between two shore tour options with and without transfers, make sure to utilize the taxi rate chart above. It might be worth spending a bit more on an excursion with transfer than without!
One of the most popular options in Cozumel is a Resort for a Day Pass. We've compiled the best Resort Day Passes in Cozumel. Click through to check out our list including pricing, reviews, photos and more!
Cozumel Resort for a Day Pass
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