Mr Sanchos Discount Hack [2021] How I saved $90 Booking my Day Pass

Mr Sanchos Cozumel Booking Hack [2020] How I saved $90

Jeremy CamosseMar 8 2020Travel

Are you planning a visit to Mr Sanchos Cozumel Resort? Don’t waste time looking for discount code or coupon. We've done the hard work for you. Trust us, there's no working promo codes out there. But, there is a simple booking hack to save a good chunk of change. Follow the instructions below to get the cheapest possible day pass at Mr. Sanchos Cozumel Resort!

If you'd like to see for yourself, feel free to search the web for "Mr Sanchos Coupon Code 2019," "Mr Sanchos Discount," and every other combination of that phrase. You'll find some non-working codes and you'll waste 30 minutes. Then come back and check out our booking hack below!


You just need to know where to buy your Mr Sanchos all inclusive day pass. Booking from the wrong provider will cost you unnecessary pesos. We'd much rather you put those towards pina coladas or a Mr Sanchos Fish Pedicure (no, seriously... it's a thing).

While trying to book this cruise excursion, we found something really surprising. The entrance fee for the All Inclusive Pass on Mr Sanchos official site was more than the entrance fee found booking elsewhere!

An obvious follow-up question would be, "does the all inclusive day pass purchased on Mr Sanchos site include more than found elsewhere?" Nope. It does not.

On every site the all inclusive day pass included the exact same amenities, but cost different amounts.

Mr Sanchos Cozumel - Official Web Site

That's $55 per person for the All Inclusive Day Pass. I'm gong with six people, so this would cost me $330.

Again, this is the official site for Mr Sanchos Beach Club.

Searching around, I found this alternative option.

Mr Sanchos Cozumel -

This is from a site called Cozumel-Tours. Looking into the details of this tour, it includes all of the same amenities as if purchased from Mr Sanchos official site.

Our cruise and excursions consists of six total passengers. So this tour would cost us $396!

On one more Cozumel excursions site, I found this price.

Mr Sanchos Day Pass - Project Expedition

You'll find it's the same entrance fee as from the official site.

Again, this includes all of the same features and amenities as on the other two site.

For my group of six cruisers, this too would cost $330.

Fortunately, before booking we checked our favorite Cruise Excursions site,!

From the cruise search widget, you can select your ship and sail date. Then, you can filter by cruise port. In this case, we selected "Cozumel, Mexico."

Gangwaze lets you filter by tour "type." We chose "Resort Day Pass" and quickly found Mr Sanchos.

The cost here is $49.99

For my group totaling six excursions, that comes to $299.70. That's a discount of $90+ when compared to the site above.

To see how much it will cost your group, use the link below.

Mr Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass - $49.95

NOTE:  We also checked the "Refund Policy" using the link above. You have up until 24 hours before your tour to cancel for a full refund. We couldn't find a policy on Mr Sancho's site and consider this another reason to book using the link above!

It's the cheapest price you'll find anywhere online. It also has the best refund policy.

To find the best price for all of your other excursions, make sure to use our Gangwaze search. You can do that on the top of this page or any other page on this site.

ALSO:  Our cruise community often asks, "does Mr Sanchos sell out?" And the answer is that YES, it absolutely can sell out on busier cruise port days. We see this often. That's why we encourage you to book your day pass immediately if you think there's a chance you'll visit the resort. You can always cancel if you change your mind!

Mr. Sanchos Booking FAQ's

We've received a lot of questions about Mr Sanchos and how to book a cruise excursion day pass. In hopes of clarifying, here's a list of the most common questions below.

Is Mr. Sanchos all inclusive? Yes, a resort day pass at Mr Sanchos is “all inclusive.” All food and drink will be included and most of the resort’s amenities as well. A few items require an additional cost such as snorkel equipment, waterpark access, and motorized watersports.

What is there to do at Mr Sanchos? Mr Sanchos offers access to a beautiful stretch of Cozumel’s coastline and resort amenities both on and off of the beach. You’ll find beach chairs, umbrellas, a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, hammocks, day-beds and many more features included with your day pass.

How much is Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel? An all inclusive day pass will vary based on where it’s purchased. Purchasing directly from Mr Sanchos website costs more than alternative booking options. Your lowest priced option will cost $49.95 for an adult and $35 for a child between the ages of 4-11. Click below to check availability at those prices. Check Availability – Mr Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass

Does Mr Sanchos take credit cards? Yes, the resort accepts Visa and Mastercard as credit card options.

Where can I book Mr Sanchos? You can book directly from Mr Sanchos website, but it will cost extra and the site is not secure, making transactions vulnerable to theft. We advise purchasing using the link below to save money, assure a secure transaction and for the ability to cancel your purchase prior to your shore excursion. Click to check day pass availability for your cruise date.

Does Mr. Sanchos sell out? Yes, the resort admits the first 450 guests to book. This is why you’ll frequently see dates sold out when checking availability. If hoping to visit the property, book immediately. If purchasing through the link below, you can always cancel with a full refund up until the day you arrive.

We hope that this post saves you money when booking your Mr Sanchos Cozumel excursion.

If Mr Sanchos is sold out, check out our post, 9 Best Cozumel All Inclusive Day Pass Options where you'll find a bunch of other great cruise excursions for your day at port!

Please help share this with others to save our cruising community as much money as possible in Cozumel and all cruise ports!


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