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Royal Caribbean Ships by Class [2022] Chart w Features

Jeremy CamosseMay 12 2021Travel

This is your ultimate guide to Royal Caribbean ships by class. From the newest Oasis to the oldest Empress Class of ships.

Not only will you find an easy layout of all ships in each class, but also their highlighted features. Some ship attractions are specific to certain classes (like the Aquatheater to Oasis) while other features are fleet-wide, like the outdoor movie theaters. The charts below will let you know what to expect when choosing your class and ship.

We've found that some community members fall in love with a specific family of RC ships. They stay loyal to that class of ships and won't sail any others. Others, however, like to choose based on size. For those cruisers we've created the post, Royal Caribbean Ships by Size.

To make it as easy as possible to see which ship belongs to which Royal Caribbean class, we've created the following infographic.


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And for our community members who don't like pretty imagery, here's Royal Caribbean Class of Ships laid out in boring text.

Does Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Class impact price?

Often we're asked if Royal Caribbean class affects price. The cost of a RCCL cruise isn't directly correlated with class. You won't find that the Oasis Class is always more expensive than the Quantum Class or vice versa. It will all depend on the specific itinerary. To get a sense of pricing, please use our widget below. Play around with destinations and dates to see the resulting prices. Feel free to click through for all details.


Royal Caribbean Ships by Class

Oasis Class
Oasis Class
  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Allure of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
Quantum Class
Quantum Class
  • Spectrum of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas
  • Anthem of the Seas
  • Quantum of the Seas
Freedom Class
Freedom Class
  • Mariner of the Seas
  • Navigator of the Seas
  • Adventure of the Seas
  • Explorer of the Seas
  • Voyager of the Seas
Radiance Class
Radiance Class
  • Jewel of the Seas
  • Serenade of the Seas
  • Brilliance of the Seas
  • Radiance of the Seas
Vision Class
Vision Class
  • Vision of the Seas
  • Enchantment of the Seas
  • Rhapsody of the Seas
  • Grandeur of the Seas
Sovereign Class
Sovereign Class
  • Majesty of the Seas
Empress Class
Empress Class
  • Empress of the Seas

Ship Class Features

We've gone a step further and built the following graphics to show each ship class and the features highlighted on those ships. Below, you'll find each class of ships with the attractions most celebrated on each.


Oasis Class - Royal Caribbean

The Oasis Class is famous for having the world’s largest cruise ships and some of the most expensive as well. These 226k ton vessels cost roughly $1.4 billion each and hold nearly 10k passengers and crew in total! The Oasis Class also has RC’s newest ship, the Symphony of the Seas.



Quantum Class - Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class came in a close second in size to the Oasis ships. The innovations that come with this class, however, are huge. Included in this family of vessels are the following groundbreaking features: The North Star, RipCord Skydiving Simulator, Two70, SeaPlex and Music Hall. The Quantum Class is also the first of the fleet to experiment with Dynamic Dining. Oh, and there are robot bartenders too.



Freedom Class - Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Class is the next generation to the Voyager Class. In addition to adding some significant length to these ships, a bunch of fun features were commissioned. As seen below, you’ll find this class features a basketball court, rock wall, mini-golf course, ice skating rink, Flowrider surf simulator, boxing ring, and H20 Zone. This set of ships had the record for “largest ships in the world” from 2006 until 2009.



Voyager Class - Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager Class is known for its size. They’re the 6th largest in the world behind the Oasis, Quantum and Freedom Classes. Some defining features of the Voyager Class include the ice skating rink, Royal Promenade and Flowrider surf Simulator.



Radiance Class - Royal Caribbean

The Radiance Class consists of four ships: Radiance, Brilliance, Serenade and Jewel of the Seas. Royal Caribbean went big on the “glass” with this class of ships. You’ll come across glass elevators, two-tiered glass dining rooms, and retractable glass roof over the pool. The Radiance was also the first class to feature the self-leveling pool tables.



Vision Class - Royal Caribbean

At one point, the Vision Class had six Royal Caribbean ships. The four listed below as well as Legend and Splendour of the Seas. These two vessels were sold to Marella Cruises in 2016. The Grandeur and the Enchantment are sister ships as are the Rhapsody and the Vision of the Seas.



Sovereign Class - Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign Class consisted of just two ships, the Sovereign and the Majesty of the Seas. The former was launched in 1988 and transferred to Pullmantur Cruises (along with the Monarch of the Seas) in 2013. The Majesty was supposed to be transferred as well, but plans to hand it over in 2016 were cancelled a year prior. The ships remains the only vessel in RC’s Sovereign Class.



Empress Class - Royal Caribbean

The Empress Class has only one ship, the Empress of the Seas. Originally, the ship was to be named “Future Seas” and was contracted by Admiral Cruises. When Royal Caribbean acquired Admiral in 1988, they finished building it and named it the Nordic Empress. That name lasted 14 years until RC renamed it the Empress of the Seas.



Ship Features & Attractions

By no means is this an exhaustive list of Royal Caribbean's attractions. You'll find unique and amazing experiences throughout each ships. But, these include the amenities that Royal Caribbean highlights as the distinguishing features of each class of ship.

Here are some of the great venues that define Royal Caribbean's ships by class.


3D Movies

Watch Jack pop out of the screen as he shouts, “I’m king of the world." Although, that would mean you’re watching Titanic, which is a terrible idea while on the deck of your cruise ship. You get the idea. It’s a 3D theater under the stars and a magnificent experience made possible by Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Quantum Class ships.




This is one of the most memorable experience you’ll have on a cruise ship or anywhere else. Daring Royal Caribbean entertainers risk life and pruned fingers for your entertainment alone. Divers flip and twirl off of 30-foot high platforms into a seemingly tiny pool of water. All to “oohs" and “ahs" on the back of your Oasis Class ships.



The Bamboo Room

This adults-only eating and drinking venue is a great place for a drink or app with friends. The Polynesian-themed bar specializes in crafty cocktails and small plates. Make sure to test your bartenders skills on your next Voyager Class ship.




The Boardwalk is one of several neighborhoods found on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships. Picture Coney Island scooped up and tossed out into the middle of the ocean. If it remained in-tact, it would be akin to RC’s Boardwalk area. You’ll find numerous entertainment venues as well as restaurants and bars lining this mid-ship thoroughfare. It’s also the best place for people-watching.



British-Style Pub

The English pub advertises its whiskies, brandies, ports, sherries, ales and stouts. The dark wood and darker atmosphere might prompt a cockney accent as you order your next Pimms. The British pubs are found on the Freedom Class ships offered by Royal Caribbean.



Broadway Musicals

The lineup of shows reads like a “Best of Broadway" list. Included are Hairspray, Grease, Cats, Mamma Mia, Saturday Night Fever, and more. The only thing missing from Broadway is the absurdly high ticket prices. Shows are included in your cruise when sailing Oasis, Quantum, Freedom and Vision class ships.



Bungee Trampoline

Are you motion-sickness-proof. If the waves don’t have you feeling a little queasy, then you can put yourself to the true test with the bungee trampoline located on Vision Class ships. You’ll get strapped in and bounce up and down near the very top of the ship. NOTE: this has been shut down on some ships due to an accident.



At the rear end of the Boardwalk, you’ll find the Carousel spinning round and round. Hop on for a spin down memory lane or plop your kids on for a taste of old-school entertainment. Either way, it’s worth a spin on your next Oasis Class cruise.



Central Park

What’s the last thing you’d expect to find in the middle of your ship? If you said “10,000 plants and flowers," then you’re wrong. It’s not only the last thing you’ll find, but probably the first since they cover most of Central Park on the Oasis Class ships. There are several restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to visit in this area and it’s a great place to kick-start the evening.



Designer Shopping

You’ve already treated yourself to a cruise, why not put some icing on that cake. And by “icing," we mean a Prada bag. Royal Caribbean has taken the best of Rodeo Drive and placed it conveniently in the heart of your Freedom and Voyager class ships. This is a great place to spend those hard-earned casino dollars.



Escape Room

The popularity of Escape Rooms was not unnoticed by Royal Caribbean’s ship-designers. You’ll find these brain-teasing, heart-pumping challenges on your Freedom and Voyager Class ships. Just make sure to escape in time for dinner.



Fish & Ships

This is not just the answer to the age old question, “what’s in the ocean?" But, also one of Royal Caribbean’s newest eating venues. The outdoor restaurant is the perfect place to grab a bite and some fresh air. You’ll find traditional fried fish and French fries, which pair perfectly with a cold Budweiser.



FlowRider Surf Simulator

The FlowRider Surf Simulator is offered on Oasis, Quantum, Freedom and Voyager Class ships. You’ll find the device on the top-rear area of the ship and likely surrounded by onlookers. The artificially-created wave lets surfers (great and terrible) attempt to thrash all without the annoying swimming and waiting piece of surfing.



Glass Elevators

If you’re scared of heights, you may want to take the stairs on your Radiance, Majesty and Empress Class ships. As you travel up and down between floors, you’ll have a great view from the glass elevators near the ship’s center. If wearing a skirt, maybe hang out closer to the doors… just a thought.




Royal Caribbean managed to squeeze basketball, bumper cars, roller skating, circus school food trucks and video games all into one area. The SeaPlex is everything a teenager could dream of in one area. You’ll find this magically play land on your next Quantum Class ship.



Ice-Skating Rink

Did you get a bit sunburned on Day 1 of your cruise? No worries. Just go slide around on a huge sheet of ice. Or, better yet, go ice skating on it. This is another engineering marvel by the crew at Royal Caribbean and can be found on you Oasis, Freedom and Voyager Class ships.



Laser Tag

Get your heartbeat up after a few hours of lounging by zapping a friend or stranger in the Laser Tag arena. The course is located at the top of your Oasis, Freedom, or Voyager ship and can’t be missed. Loser has to buy the next round of drinks.



Loft Suites

If it’s a special occasion, or you’re just a wealthy person, then consider the loft suites as your cabin choice. You’ll find these on the Quantum Class ships. The two-story rooms are the largest suites on board and include a piano, wet bar, library, jacuzzi and more.



Mini-Golf Course

Mini golfing reminds us of vacation. But, mini golfing on the top of a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean remind us of Heaven. Grab a putter and some fluorescent balls and challenge a family member to a round. Winner gets bragging rights for at least two years.



Music Hall

During the day, you’ll find organized activities here like dance classes and improv lessons. At night, the venue turns into a hotspot for live music, DJ’s, night parties and more. With multiple bars and billiards tables, there’s plenty of entertaining activities for adults. You’ll find the Music Hall on Quantum Class ships on the third and fourth decks.




“Neighborhoods" is a brilliant concept developed for Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships. There are seven in total and each offers a unique experience. Make sure to check out each of the following: Royal Promenade, Central Park, Boardwalk, Pool & Sport Zone, Vitality at Sea, Entertainment Place, and the Youth Zone.



North Star

If you need to briefly escape your fellow cruise passengers, the North Star offers one temporary getaway option. You’ll climb into a transparent orb then rise to roughly 300 feet over sea level! It’s the best seat in the house unless you get a bit queasy with heights. The North Star is featured on Quantum Class ships.



Outdoor Movie Screen

Royal Caribbean’s Outdoor Movie Screen lets you take in the latest blockbusters while also viewing the night’s constellations. Make sure to grab a blanket (handed out by the cruise line) and a prime lounge chair for your viewing pleasure. RC offers outdoor movie screens on all of its classes and ships.



Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade

If you’re wondering where to catch the game, this is the spot. You’re almost guaranteed to find fellow sports fans (unless a NY fan… eww) to cheer along. No worries during your team’s off-week as you’ll find beer, buffalo wings, and an arcade here too. Expect to find Playmakers on Freedom and Voyager Class ships.



RipCord by iFLY

The skydiving simulator by iFly is located on the top of your Quantum Class Royal Caribbean ships. Way safer and cheaper than traditional skydiving, this is a great option for those looking to take flight and should be on everyone’s “bucket list."



Rock Climbing Wall

Offered on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom, Voyager and Vision Classes, the rock climbing wall is a great source of entertainment and exercise. Hold on tight as you scale this structure up tot he best view on the ship. Once you rock-climb on the top of a cruise ship, the boulder down the street will become a bit less interesting.



Royal Promenade

One of Royal Caribbean’s seven neighborhoods, the Royal Promenade is situated in ship’s central area on Oasis, Freedom and Voyager Class ships. You’ll find plenty to do here whether looking for a coffee or to dominate the karaoke mic. With multiple bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues, the Royal Promenade is where you’ll want to be.



Self-Leveling Pool Tables

These almost-magical pool tables self level so there’s no more excuses. Eight ball corner pocket gone awry… no more blaming the motion of the ocean. It’s your fault. Suck it up. These amazing contraptions are found on Radiance Class ships.



Sky Pad

Have you ever wanted to go play in the clouds? If so, the SkyPad was made for people like you. Located at the ships top, this bubble of fun features a trampoline in its center. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe the virtual reality headset will once it takes you to another planet. Find the SkyPad on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom and Voyager Classes.



Solarium with Tropical Foliage

There are many things we envy about Pauly Shore, including his role in BioDome. We’ve always wanted to spend in that tree-filled bubble. The Solarium on Radiance, Majesty and Empress Class ships provides us as close to that experience as we could hope for.



Sugar Beach

The appropriately named Sugar Beach is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Fill a bag with your favorite candy and pace yourself. If you get too hopped up, maybe head to the bungee trampoline to burn off some of that rocket fuel. You’ll find Sugar Beach on Freedom Class ships.



Solarium with Retractable Roof

This is a great place to escape the elements while still soaking up some outdoors. If it’s rainy or windy, no problem. Head to the bubble and find a lawn chair. You’ll have all of the conveniences of the pool deck, but with a roof. These are located on Radiance, Majesty and Empress Class ships.



The Perfect Storm

Thrill seekers will be happy to find The Perfect Storm on board their Oasis and Voyager Class ships. You’ll find a different variation of the waterparks. From twists and turns to steep drops to rafting slides, your waterslide options will depend on the ship you’re sailing. Which one you brave will be up to you.




Two70 is named for its spectacular ocean views (270 degrees). Those views, though, are quickly transformed by video projectors displaying various shows and displays of human artistry. You’ll find this awe-inspiring venue on Quantum Class ships.



Ultimate Abyss

The Ultimate Abyss is the largest slide on any cruise ship in the world. Reaching 10 stories, this massive tube is featured on the top of your Oasis and Voyager Class ships. You’ll feel like you’re jumping off of a cliff to the ocean’s surface, which could be exhilarating or terrifying or both.



Virtual Balcony Staterooms

With Royal Caribbean’s new virtual balconies, you can now enjoy the view without splurging for a balcony cabin. The floor to ceiling screens simulate an ocean view which is even adjust with the ship’s movements! If only they could pipe in that salt-air smell. You’ll find these on Quantum and Voyager Class ships.



Zip Line

Looking to check off another “bucket list" item? The Zip Line is located on the top (obviously) of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships. You’ll feel like a seagull as you soar overhead cruise passengers below. Just don’t poop on anyone’s head. The feature is no added cost, but you may need to wait in line a bit.



If you found our Royal Caribbean Ships by Class post helpful, we have another great one for you. Click here to see all Royal Caribbean Ships by Size! There, you'll find a list of all RC ships in order from largest cruise ship to smallest. The difference between the two might surprise you.


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