13 Cruise Essentials for Healthy Cruising Post Coronavirus Packing List

13 Cruise Essentials for Healthy Cruising Post Coronavirus Packing List

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  • Jul 23rd 2020
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Here are the cruise essentials you’ll need for healthy cruising post coronavirus pandemic. We can’t wait to cruise again once Covid 19 is under control. Our bartender is the only person from whom we’d like to hear, “corona.” Too soon?

We know that our cruise experience will not be the same as the “glory days,” however. Cruise lines plan to impose all kinds of precautionary measures for a safe and healthy cruise vacation.

Coronavirus Covid Cruise Essentials Packing List

Not only are we on board for these new health improvements, we have some additional strategies to suggest. The Cruise Essentials suggested below can be helpful to minimize risk of virus throughout your vacation.

Our community, the CDC, and other cruise professionals have shared their knowledge to help create this list of healthy cruise must haves for a post-coronavirus world. We call these must haves our PPP List… Post Pandemic Packing List.

Cruise Essentials for Health

PPP – Post Pandemic Packing List

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Pandemic - Sanitizer Bottle Kit

#1 – Sanitizer Bottle Kit

Most cruise passengers already wear cruise lanyards for their key cards. Now, they can serve a dual purpose! This brilliant product lets you keep hand sanitizer directly in reach at all times. The kit comes with four empty, travel-safe bottles to fill your liquid of choice. We plan to use ours for sanitizer, moisturizer, and suntan lotion. Oh, and maybe a shot of tequila to help with the travel nerves.

Sanitizer Bottle Kit Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Pandemic - No Touch Tool

#2 – No Touch Tool

Cruise travel requires a lot of “touching.” This leads to a lot of “spreading.” With this No Touch Keychain Tool, you can avoid contact with many of the items you constantly come into contact with while traveling. Avoid touching handles, door-open buttons, touch-screen menus, ATM pads, and more. You can even play the slots on your cruise ship casino with this thing! I’m sure it’ll pay for itself in minutes… Cha-ching!

No Touch Tool Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Pandemic - Cruise Lanyards

#3 – Cruise Lanyards

This pairs well with the two must have items above. Your portable sanitizer bottle and keychain tool won’t do you any good if not on-hand. Many times throughout your cruise, you’ll be pocket-less. Your purse will likely be out of reach when top-deck of your ship. Keep these items on hand at all times right around your neck. We always wear these for our cruise key cards and they now come in even more handy for these additional items!

Cruise Lanyards Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Pandemic - UV Sanitizer Box

#4 – UV Sanitizer Box

We first doubted the validity of this product and its effectiveness towards killing bacteria. Upon further research, we found that UV Light is actually on the front lines in the fight against coronavirus! It’s been used in hospitals for decades for disinfecting medical equipment. Now, this UV sterilizer is compact enough to take on your cruise. You can sterilize that cruise ship key card that you’ve been using all day or that phone you’ve pulled out of your pocket 50 times. It’s also great for your toothbrush, jewelry, money, headphones, straws, glasses, and more!

UV Sanitizer Box Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Covid 19 - UV Wand

#5 – UV Sanitizer Wand

Similar to the UV sanitizer box above, this UV Light Sanitizer wand allows even more portability. While the UV box is great as a cruise cabin accessory, this is more convenient for disinfecting on and off ship. It’s perfect for sanitizing our silverware in the dining hall, straws at the bar, and our touchscreen tv on the plane trip in! A quick 30-second application destroys 99.9% of the virus-causing bacteria.

UV Sanitizer Wand Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Covid 19 - Snack Bags

#6 – Snack Bags

We typically loving trying to local cuisine while at port. However, it might not be worth the current risk. With these travel snack bags, you can take fruit, nuts, and other snacks with you to off the ship. There’s even a great sandwich bag option for bigger bites. This reduces the number of necessary trips to cruise port restaurants, snack bars, and other eating places that we’re not quite ready to trust with our health. It serves as a great way to save a few bucks as well!

Snack Bags Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Covid 19 - Sanitizer Wipes

#7 – Sanitizer Wipes

For the more weary, add sanitizer wipes to your post pandemic cruise packing list. While hotel and cruise staff will likely do an adequate job disinfecting your rooms, you can never be too cautious. We like to give the countertops and other high-touch areas a quick wipe.

Sanitizer Wipes Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Covid 19 - Water Bottle

#8 – Water Bottle

Hydration is essential on your cruise! It’s one of the best ways to keep your body stay safe and healthy. Rather than using multiple glasses throughout the day, we like to carry our own personal water bottle. Get at least a 20 ounce container to reduce trips to and from the source. In our favorite cruise hacks e-book, there’s a great tip to refill at your cruise ship gym rather than the dining hall or buffet.

Water Bottle Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Coronavirus - Portable Charger

#9 – Portable Charger

Picture the last time you traveled and needed a charge. The shared charging station at the terminal is typically packed with people waiting their turn. These travelers are touching their devices then the areas around these power stations. No thanks! This cruise essential will keep you far away from those bacteria-infested hot zones. With this portable device charger, you can find a clean and quiet corner to get juiced up.

Portable Charger Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Coronavirus - Face Mask

#10 – Face Mask

This is an obvious must have for your next cruise. They may even be required by cruise lines… TBD., We like to have our most comfortable face mask on hand whether required or not. You can go with the standard, CDC recommended version or with a cruise-themed version for a little more fun. Here are some really cute options on Etsy or click below for the highest rated on Amazon.

Face Mask Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Coronavirus - Travel Thermometer

#11 – Travel Thermometer

New cruise line regulations will require temperature checks throughout your vacation. However, you may want to get a quick temp check on call. With this super-portable thermometer, you can always do a quick check to hopefully get that peace-of-mind necessary while traveling. It’s one of those “insurance” items that you probably won’t use but will be very glad to have if so.

Travel Thermometer Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Coronavirus - Vitamin D

#12 – Vitamin D

We’re not nearly smart enough to be doctors. It’s too early for definitive proof that Vitamin D helps fight off Covid or the body’s reaction to the corona virus. According to WebMD, though, “Several groups of researchers from different countries have found that the sickest patients often have the lowest levels of vitamin D.” That’s enough evidence for us to take this natural prophylactic. The daily limit is 4,000 IU so this option on Amazon can be taken twice daily by adults before, during and after your cruise.

Vitamin D Amazon Link

Healthy Cruise Essentials After Coronavirus - Cruise Insurance

#13 – Cruise Insurance

It’s a bit more involved to buy travel insurance than one of these quick Amazon products above. But, it could be a literal life-saver on your cruise so worth the effort. Medical expenses on your cruise ship can be astronomical. We always recommend insuring your vacation and no more so than during this post-pandemic period. The best way to protect yourself is with InsureMyTrip. They’ll make it as easy as possible to compare cruise plans.

Cruise Insurance Amazon Link

We wish everyone in our community a safe and healthy cruise! We hope that our “PPP List” (Post Pandemic Packing List) helps reduce risk as much as possible.

If you want a bit more fun shopping for your upcoming vacation, please check out our 29 Cruise Packing Essentials to add value and convenience to your trip. There, you’ll find all kinds of must have items for your cabin, port, and preparation at home.

Coronavirus Covid Cruise Essentials Packing List

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