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$91 each

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Private Taste of Kiel and Highlights

Private Taste of Kiel and HighlightsThis half-day excursion will allow you to taste and explore some of what this city is all about. Like all of Germany...


Private Taste of Kiel and HighlightsThis half-day excursion will allow you to taste and explore some of what this city is all about. Like all of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein cuisine is dominated by Scandinavian and British influences that have, over the centuries, made their way into Kiel's kitchens.Be greeted at the pier by your local, friendly English-speaking guide and set off on foot to sample the morning's catch with a freshly prepared fish roll on the waterfront as you stroll past the huge ferries docked in the city's main harbor, then begin to make your way toward Kiel's Old Town.Once in the Old Town, you will see the stately Town Hall, the Kieler Hauptkirche (central church), and the city's Monastery. At the Monastery, you will have the delectable chance to sample local beers brewed by the monks while snacking on Kieler Sprotte (smoked fish traditionally served with beer). Appropriate for a maritime city, Kiel's traditional delicacy is smoked fish. Authentic Kieler Sprotte will be smoked in a wood-burning oven, over beech and alder boughs and will be presented in wooden boxes. The proper way to eat them is by eating the whole fish, head, tail bones and all because the fish is so soft.For dessert, you will pay a visit to a bon-bon factory before the tour ends at the Old Market (an approximately ten-minute walk from the Ostseekai), where there is plenty of time to explore more of the city on your own.If you prefer, your personal guide will be happy to escort you back to your ship and the pier area.Your private tour can be customized to suit your exact specifications; you can decide where to stop and where to spend your time, making for a very intimate and one-on-one experience with your guide.
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We recommend wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes. We also suggest sun protection such as sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.
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