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Discover Assos Village

Journey to the Northern part of Kefalonia to enjoy the most scenic route on the island. See the pastel-colored homes of Assos Village and catch stunning views...


Journey to the Northern part of Kefalonia to enjoy the most scenic route on the island. See the pastel-colored homes of Assos Village and catch stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the Myrtos Beach viewpoint and more when you book this relaxing tour near Argostoli. With the chance to swim in the pristine waters of Assos Village's pebble beach and walk to explore the ruins of a 16th-century Venetian castle, this scenic tour is ideal for photographers, beach-goers and history buffs alike! Your tour includes a two-hour visit to explore the tiny town of Assos Village, which you'll get the chance to stroll along with its restaurant clad marina or relax on its pebbly beach. Grab your camera to take postcard-worthy views of the Mediterranean and small town with a visit to the iconic Myrtos Beach. Start your journey with a scenic one-hour drive along a coastal road that takes you from your port in Argostoli to the small town of Assos, a tiny village of 100 people that sits hidden within a thick pine forest. Once you arrive, get to spend two hours strolling through town to capture stunning views of the 16th-century Venetian castle that overlooks the tiny village. But if you want to relax, enjoy spending time soaking up the sun on the sparkly white pebbly beach or go for a swim in the pristine waters of the Mediterranean. As you explore the town, have the chance to admire the architectural excellence of the pastel-colored that dot the streets or visit a traditional cafe while at Assos Village's small marina. Before heading back to port you will take in spectacular views of the Ionian Sea from the famous Myrtos Beach. This picturesque beach often tops the list as one of Greece's best beaches and for good reasons: it's dotted with dazzling white pebbles and offers stunning seaside views of turquoise and blue waters highlighted by the Kefalonian cliffs. Wrap up your tour with an impromptu photo shoot as you capture the beach's snow-white arc and the pristine seaside views at the Myrtos Beach viewpoint for Insta-worthy photos and lasting memories. Whether you are looking to take the perfect seaside shots of the Ionian Sea or a chance to relax on a pebble beach, this tour offers tons to do and see for a relaxing excursion. Sign up for this serene, scenic tour today to get a taste of Argostoli as you create an unforgettable experience!
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We recommend wearing your swimsuit under comfortable weather-appropriate clothing and walking shoes. Guests should also bring a towel.
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