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Argostoli Sightseeing

Argostoli Sightseeing Spend part of your day in port exploring Argostoli, the capital city of the island of Kephalonia with one of the busiest ports in Greece...


Argostoli Sightseeing Spend part of your day in port exploring Argostoli, the capital city of the island of Kephalonia with one of the busiest ports in Greece. Your journey starts as you leave the port and follow along the scenic coastal road of Fanari with photo stops at the lighthouse and Katavothres water wheels. Residents in Katavothres take advantage of the area's special water flow by using the sea water to generate their mills. From there, continue to the scenic resort area of Lassi and the beautiful Livathos villages, and on to the to the village of Kourkoumelata, arguably the most picturesque village you can find in Kefalonia. Kourkoumelata is hugely considered as the crown jewel among the villages in Kefalonia, perhaps because of its unrivaled beauty and color. It boasts of colorful structures, gardens, and impressive town planning and street layout. In the traditional village of Kastro lies St. George's Castle, a Venetian fortress dating back to the 16th century. The caste's strategic location will gift you with gorgeous panoramic photos of some of the best views of the island as well as the neighboring island of Zante. The area around the castle is well worth exploring, with remains of pre-earthquake village houses and a medieval church of Evangelistria built in 1420. The ruins of the church of St. Theodori are located south west of the castle, and this church may well be even older than Evangelistria. Make your way next to En Kefallinia, an organic farm filled with sweet-smelling citrus trees and gardens. While here, walk among lavender paths and feel the forgotten pleasures of the countryside while you enjoy your coffee, tea, and homemade sweets. Pick up a bio-friendly souvenir or two, then make your way back to Argostoli with a stop at Koutavos Lagoon. This famous lagoon is a nature reserve for wildlife, including the Caretta Turtle and various waterfowl. Pass in front of De Bosset Bridge, the longest stone bridge in the world, on your way back to port. This tour will give you a well-rounded and comprehensive look at this picturesque part of Greece. Book now, as spaces are selling out fast.
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We recommend wearing comfortable, seasonal clothing and comfortable walking shoes.
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