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$146 each

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Private Helsinki Nature by Fatbike

Explore the beauty of Eastern Helsinki's scenic nature trails via a fat bike as you travel both simple and challenging routes to the top of the Vuosaari hill...


Explore the beauty of Eastern Helsinki's scenic nature trails via a fat bike as you travel both simple and challenging routes to the top of the Vuosaari hill and more when you book this thrilling biking adventure. Your private three-hour excursion covers the cost of your bottled water, fat bike, safety helmet, roundtrip transportation to and from downtown Helsinki and a professional guide who will take you across the Kallahti peninsula's flat trails and more scenic routes. With the option to ride over more challenging dirt roads that take you towards Uutela, Meri-Rastila, and the top of the larger hill area of Vuosaari, this fatbike adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers who are looking for a challenge or for seeing Helsinki from a different perspective with a group of friends!Kick-off your dirt road adventure by hopping on your private transportation from Helsinki's city center and head to the eastern part of the city, where you'll find plenty of roads to ride. Follow your professional tour guide and hop on a fat bike to traveling through Vuosaari's varying terrain as you venture along nature trails and uneven paths that take you across parks with towering trees, city streets, and more. Thanks to the fat bike's wide wheels and all-terrain tires, you can enjoy riding the routes on this tour year-round, whether that means cycling over snow or riding over sandy beaches. Your professional guide will gauge your group's biking ability along the way to choose the best routes to take.Continue your fat bike adventure by enjoying an easier ride over the Kallahti peninsula's flat trails as you take in the beauty of this eastern Helsinki neighborhood. See pine trees and sandy beaches along the way before heading for more challenging routes like East Finland's most diverse and largest nature trail of Uutela that takes you along alder-tree bordered coastal meadows, marshlands, pastures, and forests. Head to another challenging route in one of Vousaari's quarters by traveling through the wooded areas of Meri-Rastila. Before returning to your port in downtown Helsinki, get a chance to try your luck fatbiking up the challenging route to conquer riding up the top of the hill in Vuosaari.From riding on flat trails to see beautiful beaches and wooded trails heading up to the top of the hill in Vuosaari, this private biking tour offers a wide selection of routes for riders with varying biking abilities. Sign up for this exciting guided fat bike tour today and see the natural beauty that awaits you in Helsinki.
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The Cruise Ship Pier.

Preparation Advice

We recommend sporty clothing for the trip: closed-toe shoes. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended in the summer. Please dress in layers.
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