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East End Exploration

Enjoy a tour of the Pedro St. James Castle and catch stunning views of flora and fauna at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and more when you book this exciting...


Enjoy a tour of the Pedro St. James Castle and catch stunning views of flora and fauna at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and more when you book this exciting excursion near George Town. Your tour includes a transfer via a comfortable ride to and from your port destination to places like the Botanic Garden and the Blow Holes--the location that causes natural geysers due to its underwater cave's pressure. You'll even catch views of the endangered parrot and blue iguanas, making this the ideal tour for wildlife enthusiasts and culture aficionados. Begin your eco-tour with a scenic drive that takes you through Grand Cayman Island's eastern side with a drive through the capital--George Town. George Town is the most populous city on the island and is also a major financial center with hundreds of trust companies and banks located in George Town alone. Your scenic drive continues to the South Sound district, where you'll see stunning luxury homes on your way to the Pedro St. James Castle. You'll catch a glimpse of this historic 18th-century plantation home. This refurbished home is democracy's birthplace and now includes a presentation that explains the island and house's history. Your tour continues with a scenic drive to the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park, where you'll stroll the pathways of this natural wetland. Catch a glimpse of the endangered wildlife, including the blue iguana and colorful Cayman parrots. Your tour will make a final stop at the famous Blow Holes, where you'll take stunning photos and enjoy the breathtaking ocean views of the geysers that crash against the sand and seaweed on the beach, before you head back to George Town. From epic geysers erupting at the right moment for the perfect picture to a tour of gorgeous gardens, this sea and land adventure is one you won't want to miss. Book your beach excursion and castle tour to explore Grand Cay
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Departs From

The cruise ship tender pier, or an approximately 5-minute walk from the cruise ship tender pier.

Preparation Advice

We recommend comfortable clothing and flat-soled walking shoes. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are also suggested.
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