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Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm

Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm This up-close-and-personal Dolphin Royal Swim takes you onto a platform in waist-deep water to meet these incredible...


Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm This up-close-and-personal Dolphin Royal Swim takes you onto a platform in waist-deep water to meet these incredible creatures...and for them to meet you! The program begins with an approximately 30-minute orientation, including a briefing about these amazing dolphins, and an explanation of the activities you will experience with them. After stepping onto a submerged platform, you will be able to interact with the dolphins in waist-deep water including the very popular Dolphin Kiss Photo. Next, you will enter the water (life jackets required) for a speedy pull through the water as you hold onto their dorsal fins. Next is the highlight of your time with the dolphins, the Foot Push. Feel all their strength as they push you up and through the water by the bottoms of your feet. Each session is one hour, with 30 minutes of swim time. Group size is limited to 10 people to ensure that you have a very personal experience. Professional photographers will capture these magical moments for you on video and photo during your Grand Cayman excursion. After your Dolphin Encounter, continue the fun with your included admission to the Turtle Farm, one of Grand Cayman's greatest tourist attractions known around the world for its conservation programs, public awareness and entertainment. The farm includes over 500 turtles, separated in tanks that show the progressive stages as they age. You will learn about turtle gender, reproduction and the programs to keep them from becoming extinct. There is also a touch tank and many opportunities for photos of the turtles. The farm is located adjacent to the Dolphin Encounter. Your Dolphin Encounter also entitles you to a discounted admission ($20 US per person) to the Boatswain's Beach Park Here, you will find two swimming lagoons, a nature trail with a small cave system, Predator's Reef with sharks, groupers and eels, a lagoon for a snorkeling experience and an aviary with Caymanian and Caribbean birds flying freely in an enclosed setting. Don't miss Cayman Street, with traditional buildings featuring distinctive, locally designed porches, doorways, gardens and local artisans, as well as restaurants and gift shops. There is certainly enough to make this a full day of fun for all ages. In order to allow you to tour at your own speed at the Turtle Farm and/or the park, fees for the taxi to and from the Dolphin Park are not included in the tour price. This gives you the ability to return at your leisure. Just make sure to return before your ship's last tender time from shore. There is no cost for observers for the dolphin portion only and no need to reserve; you simply pay for transportation to and from the Dolphin Park. Observers must pay to visit the turtle farm or Boatswains Park. The facility has lockers, changing rooms, freshwater showers and a snack bar.
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An approximately 15 minute taxi ride (not included, approximately $25 US each way) is required to reach your departure location.

Preparation Advice

We recommend wearing a swimsuit under comfortable clothing and shoes. A towel, sunglasses, and biodegradable sunscreen (for after the dolphin portion) is recommended. Sunblock, jewelry, watches, rings, bracelets, or any object which might scratch the dolphin is not permitted in the water with the dolphins.
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