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$59.00 each

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Sunset Sea Kayaking and Wine

Sunset Sea Kayaking and WineWe begin at a pretty cove immediately outside the Old Town. The guides will welcome you with top of the line kayaking equipment and...


Sunset Sea Kayaking and WineWe begin at a pretty cove immediately outside the Old Town. The guides will welcome you with top of the line kayaking equipment and provide you with a mandatory safety briefing.After your briefing set off in your kayak while looking upward at the imposing medieval walls. Stop just beneath them and experience their might. Take pictures and hear about the history and battle scars of the 900-year-old fortress!Just outside the city harbor, we will stop at the Lazareti, where you will learn more about its fascinating history as Europe's first quarantine zone. Afterward, we follow the coastline where you'll have the chance to admire and snap photos of Dubrovnik's most glamorous oceanside neighborhood.We arrive at a spectacular beach cave, only reachable by kayak or small boat. Take harbor on its pebble cove, and sunbathe, snap selfies, swim or snorkel (sets provided) through sparkling waters. Before setting off again, we'll provide a snack so you're able to recharge a bit before the next leg of the journey.Pass by the entrancing ruins of the five-star Belvedere Hotel, said to be one of the most beautiful hotels in the area, which fell victim to the recent Croatian War of Independence.We will make our way across the channel and encircle the mysterious and cursed island of Lokrum. As we paddle by the lushly wooded isle, you'll discover the roots of its age-old curse. You will hear tales of the island's remarkable inhabitants and victims, including Maximilian Ferdinand, archduke of Austria and emperor of Mexico, who turned Lokrum into a beautiful botanical garden until his brutal murder. Although lookout, you may still catch a colorful glimpse of the peacock population that he introduced!Explore a small sea cave on the far side of the island. Amidst towering rocks and sunset waters, absorb the atmosphere of the hidden cave and hear it echo with the island's secrets.Pause to take in views of the island's Fortress Royal. Built by Napoleon's men you'll hear stories of its strategic importance as the last line of defense during the War of Independence.As the sun sets over the Old Town and the stars appear overhead, slow down to take in the once-in-a-lifetime views and embrace the magic of Dubrovnik.Upon returning to the starting cove, treat yourself to a delicious glass of chilled domestic wine.Please Note: Single participants will more than likely be paired with other singles in the double kayaks. Please use the box that indicates "Lunch Selection" by choosing 1) Ham and cheese sandwich 2) Vegetarian sandwich (contains cheese) or 3) A fresh fruit alternative, usually an apple and two bananas.
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