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$55 each

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Crowd-Free Early Morning Old Town Tour

Crowd-Free Early Morning Old Town TourThis is the perfect introduction to the bewitching characteristics of this incredible city. Your tour will begin near the...


Crowd-Free Early Morning Old Town TourThis is the perfect introduction to the bewitching characteristics of this incredible city. Your tour will begin near the Ploce gate and, after a brief introduction to the city and its history from your local guide, you will take a stroll through the walled city of Dubrovnik, highlighting the main historical and cultural sights as you go.Your first stop will be in front of the imposing Revelin Fortress on Arms Square; here, you will learn about the construction of the city and why it was essential to fortify it. While listening, you will be able to take some swoon-worthy shots of the old port.Next, take a stroll down St. Dominik street, and stop outside the gothic Dominikan monastery, featuring one of the largest Gothic churches on the Adriatic coast. Within these sacred walls is a rare collection of Renaissance artworks that not many people know.Then you will see arguably, the most beautiful of the palaces located within the city walls, the Rector's Palace. You will continue down some mesmerizing side streets connected to the market, where you will spend some time reflecting on what daily life looked like during Dubrovnik's heyday in the 15th and 16th centuries.Our next stop is one of Dubrovnik's most famous landmarks, Onofrio's fountain. Incredibly, Dubrovnik was one of the first cities in Europe to give fresh water to its citizens and to build a working sewage system. You can fill up your water bottle with pure spring water from the nearby Sumet spring while you are here. The spectacular Franciscan monastery, one of the oldest buildings in a city full to the brim with old buildings, is next. Amazingly, it houses one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe.Heading down Stradun, one of the city's most famous streets seen in a show called Game of Thrones. You will end up on Luza Square with some scintillating tales about some of the landmarks in front of you; Orlando's Column, St Blaise Church, and Sponza Palace.Your final stop is the city's green market, where you will chow down on local candied orange peels, sugar coated almonds, and a whole host of exceptional dried fruit. Here, take advantage and grab a coffee at one of the best local places around.
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A taxi or shuttle (approximately $10-12 US each way, not included) is required to reach your departure location

Preparation Advice

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended. For those wishing to visit any churches, remember that shoulders and knees must be covered.
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