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Cozumel Reef Snorkel with Playa Mia

Cozumel Reef Snorkel with Playa Mia After arriving at the downtown pier, you will board your boat and set sail on the shimmering water for one of Cozumel's best...


Cozumel Reef Snorkel with Playa Mia After arriving at the downtown pier, you will board your boat and set sail on the shimmering water for one of Cozumel's best reef areas, Palancar and Colombia reefs, located inside the National Marine Park. In transit, your crew will prepare your snorkeling equipment and give instructions on its use during the approximately 45 minute trip.Jump in with both feet and begin your Cozumel excursions. Follow your experienced guide as you enter the water from the boat and take in the wonderful underwater world of Cozumel as it appears below you. You will spend approximately 35 to 40 minutes in the water at each vibrant reef. Palancar Reef is an incredibly beautiful site with turquoise waters and shallow areas where you may spot turtles, baby nurse sharks and fish. Take a close look at the sand and you may even be able to spot the Caribbean South Ray--a creature known to inhabit this reef.For the next part of your Cozumel tour to the reefs, you will snorkel over Colombia Reef- a beautiful snorkeling spot among other important sites in the Cozumel reef National Marine Park. Mild currents greet you where the coral heads rise around 10 to 30 feet above the sandy ocean floor. With excellent visibility and a diverse variety of marine life, this place is perfect to spot coral communities, barracudas, eagle rays and diverse schools of shimmering fish.From here, you will climb back aboard your boat and make your way to Playa Mia, which is only 15 minutes away. Upon arrival at Cozumel's most popular full service beach, you will have approximately 1 hour of fun.Playa Mia offers something for everyone. In addition to the white sand beach and beautiful Cozumel water, there is a shopping area, swimming pool, lounge chairs, beach volleyball and soccer courts, ping pong tables, restrooms, kayaks, paddle boats, water bicycles, floating mats, and a relaxing oasis island pool and hydro massage tub.Your time at Playa Mia also includes the delicious buffet at the main restaurant with international and national specialties. For an additional fee, the following activities and items are also available at the park: drinks at the espresso bar, beach umbrellas, snorkel gear, other water sport equipment, outdoor massage, hair braiding, a fish spa, parasailing and more.For the younger kids, there is Buccaneer Bay, complete with a pirate ship, water cannons and slides. For the older kids and kids at heart, there are two 200-foot water slides in addition to the pool and ocean. Under the ocean, there are sunken Mayan relics you can snorkel over and discover.At the appointed time and place you will meet for your return trip.
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The cruise ship pier, or an approximately 5-minute walk from the cruise ship pier.

Preparation Advice

We recommend wearing a swimsuit under comfortable beach wear. A towel, sunglasses, protective UV clothing, and sandals are recommended. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rising epidemic of a coral disease called White Syndrome, which is affecting the coral from Florida to Central America, the Environmental and Local Authorities have asked guests to refrain from applying any sort of sunscreen (regular or biodegradable) prior to entering the waters of Cozumel, in an effort to stem the spread of the disease among healthy coral. We kindly ask that guests who are wearing sunblock rinse it off before entering the ocean. As an alternative, guests are encouraged to wear UV protective clothing, such as long sleeve shirts and hats.
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