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$99 each

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Two Tank Local Scuba Diving Trip

Two Tank Local Scuba Diving TripThis enchanting two-tank scuba dive Costa Maya excursion takes place in one of the largest and most beautiful areas of the...


Two Tank Local Scuba Diving TripThis enchanting two-tank scuba dive Costa Maya excursion takes place in one of the largest and most beautiful areas of the Northern Hemisphere. During your half day excursion in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, you will get to see a variety of marine life including, but not limited to, sea turtles, eels, lobsters, stingrays, and nurse sharks. Enjoy coasting alongside these underwater inhabitants as they playfully swim around the magnificent coral gardens.The Mesoamerican Reef spans 1,000 kilometers in the clear waters of the Caribbean. This vast body of water stretches from Honduras to Mexico. Reefs as old as 4 million years fill this massive area. Jaw-dropping backdrops are home to over 350 species of mollusks and 500 species of colorful fish. Costa Maya is one of the best-preserved areas in the Mesoamerican Reef, and as a result, it remains the healthiest and most vibrant reef you will find. Any given day of diving you are likely to share the reef area with turtles, moray eels, nurse sharks, rays, lobsters, barracudas, and groupers. Countless colorful fish such as angelfish, butterfly, parrot, wrasse, hogfish, damsel, surgeon, and blue tangs will excitedly swim in large schools, bouncing around their natural playground. Their Caribbean richness lights up the waters leaving you blissfully captivated.Most sites do not present technical difficulties for the less experienced divers, and they are great to start the adventure of diving.Please Note: Participants have to be certified divers in the Open Water level or higher. Health restrictions apply, and participants must complete and sign the Medical Statement, Assumption of Risk, and Liability Release Forms. Please CLICK HERE to view medical forms. Please read the forms carefully, as you may be required to be examined by a physician before you will be permitted to participate on this tour, depending on your medical history. All gear is included in the price of this Costa Maya tour.
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An approximately 5 to 10 minute taxi ride (not included, approximately $8 US each way) is required to reach your departure location.

Preparation Advice

We recommend wearing your swimsuit under comfortable clothing and shoes that can get wet. A hat, sunglasses, a towel, and sunscreen are suggested.
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