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Private Lighthouses of Cartagena

Private Lighthouses of CartagenaYour wonderful day in Cartagena begins as you depart from the pier, whose port includes two lighthouses that you will see at the...


Private Lighthouses of CartagenaYour wonderful day in Cartagena begins as you depart from the pier, whose port includes two lighthouses that you will see at the end of the visit, the green lighthouse and the red lighthouse. Make your way on an unforgettable route along the coast of Cartagena starting with a visit of the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos, followed by the lighthouse of Portman, in the Sierra Minera (mining area) on an incomparable tour of the Mediterranean coast area that has attracted so many civilizations.Arrive to the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos, the building has the shape of a square, with sides 20 meters (65.6 feet) in length. It comprises two floors and the height of the building to the top of the parapet is 11.60 meters (38 feet). The tower, located in the center, consists first of a prism of 12.50 meters (41 feet) in height in the upper part and at the height of 43 meters (141 feet) high you will find the capital of the tower and a large molding formed by a very salient ledge supported by 16 corbels. Above the cornice rises a tower of 2.20 by 3.20 meters ((7.21 by 10.5 feet). The focal plane of the lighthouse has a height of 51 meters (167 feet) above ground and 81 meters (266 feet) above sea level. Emitting a white light in groups of 2 flashes every 10 seconds, this light has a nominal nocturnal range of 23 nautical miles. You will have the option of climbing to the viewpoint of the lighthouse, this involves climbing 300 steps as there is a fee of 50 Euro; (not included in your tour price).Next up, the Faro de Portman, located on a promontory located in the east of the Portman cove. Composed of a rectangular building and a white cylindrical tower with a height of 8 meters (266 feet), the focal plane reaches a height of 49 meters (160 feet) above sea level. This lighthouse is completely automated projecting white light in a period of 3.5 seconds, with a light of 2.5 seconds and a concealment of 1 second. Its nominal nocturnal range is 13 nautical miles.Continue to see the lighthouse of San Pedro, of the Curra or Green Lighthouse, due to the color of its dome. This nineteenth century structure is located on the dike of La Curra, at the entrance to the Port of Cartagena next to the Christmas dike. The objective of building this lighthouse was to help the boats to avoid the so-called slab of the port or underwater slab, a gigantic stone of 10,000 cubic meters, that ships had to dodge with skill and has caused many problems in the past. The lighthouse is a white and green cylindrical tower 12 meters (39 feet) high with a range of 5 nautical miles.The lighthouse of the Christmas Dike, or Red Lighthouse, is installed in the Christmas Dyke and is even with the Curra Lighthouse. The two dams and beacons were built in the nineteenth century at the entrance of the port of Cartagena to avoid the natural obstacle of the slab of the port. The lighthouse, white and red, like its light, consists of a cylindrical tower 15 meters high (49 feet) with a range of 10 nautical miles.Your day will end with a return to the Cartagena Cruise Pier area and your ship.
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An approximately 5 minute walk from the cruise ship pier.

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We recommend wearing comfortable, casual seasonal clothing and comfortable shoes. We also recommend sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.
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