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$60 each

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Cartagena Sightseeing Cruise

Cartagena Sightseeing CruiseOn this tour you will learn Cartagena is a town with a long naval history and thus has numerous defensive installations through the...


Cartagena Sightseeing CruiseOn this tour you will learn Cartagena is a town with a long naval history and thus has numerous defensive installations through the ages. One example worth visiting is the Fuerte de Navidad, or 'Christmas Fort,' which is situated a few miles out of Cartagena on the southern side of the harbor bay.The best access to the fort is via a sightseeing cruise in the Bay of Cartagena from the main seafront where you will make your way to the Fortress of Navidad, a fundamental element of the defense system of the bay.Throughout the years a series of fortifications protected Cartagena, but the widespread use of gunpowder in the 16th century changed the face of defensive tactics and from the mid-1600s the necessity to build a different kind of defensive system, and the decision to station the Spanish fleet patrolling the straits here permanently, stimulated the creation of artillery batteries, The Fort of Navidad being one of them.The fort was built on the site of the remains of the old Bateria de Navidad of the 17th century. The 'new' Christmas Fort together with the Santa Ana Battery, along with batteries Podadera and Trincabotijas, could mount a telling crossfire at the harbor mouth.Today the fortress is the "Interpretation Center of the Defensive Architecture" of Cartagena and the Mediterranean. You will see an overview of the different defenses that the port has had throughout its history, as well as gain information about how everyday life was like in a fortress of such characteristics.View the former dormitories of the establishment where photos from the forts and batteries of Cartagena port are displayed. Photos from one original album are in the Royal Library of the Royal Palace in Madrid, this album was a gift from the city of Cartagena to King Alfonso XIII.You will also see the Lighthouse of Navidad (Faro de Navidad) which is on the right bank of the Bay of Cartagena.After learning more about the history of this city you will return to the port area via the sightseeing boat.
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An approximately 5 minute walk from the cruise ship pier.

Preparation Advice

We recommend wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothing, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and walking shoes.
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