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$145.00 each

$145.00 each

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South Coast E-Bike and Beach

Hop on a high-performance e-bike and zip along coastal and cliff trails that take you to Paragon, Girlie Beach, and more when you book this e-bike island and...


Hop on a high-performance e-bike and zip along coastal and cliff trails that take you to Paragon, Girlie Beach, and more when you book this e-bike island and beach adventure in Barbados. Your exciting tour includes a professional driver and guide with a convenient outside pickup from and shuttle back to the port at Bridgetown and a relaxing e-bike ride to explore places on Barbados' South Coast like Silver Sands Kitesurf Beach and Long Beach. You'll also enjoy delicious snacks and beverages and a laid-back one-hour stay on Girlie Beach, where you can enjoy a relaxing swim or just soak up the sun. Your exciting three-hour scenic e-bike excursion also covers the cost of your safety helmet, water, high-performance e-bike rental, and backpack, making this a convenient outdoor adventure for thrill-seekers and beachgoers alike! Kick off your relaxing excursion with a convenient pickup at your port in Bridgetown and board a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle that will whisk you away on a 40-minute drive to the secluded South Coast beach known as Girlie Beach. Here, you'll put on your safety helmet, hop on your e-bike, and follow your guide on a two-hour trek along the edge of cliffs and coastal trails to explore some of the island's most iconic attractions, including the world-renowned Surfer's Sand kitesurfing beach. Take in the stunning views of sea life like sponges and the soft corals known as sea fans near Surfer's Point. Head to the iconic Inchmarlo and catch a rare sight of the one-of-a-kind Wild West Indian sea island cotton that you'll find near the stunning Long Beach. Next, your e-bike adventure takes you to Paragon's rugged cliff along the coast before passing the iconic High-Altitude Research Project (HARP) gun. You'll learn the story behind this huge space gun as your guide shares interesting facts, including how this abandoned non-rocket device began as a joint project between the governments of Canada and America to launch satellite projectiles into the air at high speeds and altitudes. The HARP gun was able to achieve this feat by as much as 112 miles during its peak in the early 1960s. Continue following your guide to take in stunning views of the hidden gem of the Penny Hope inlet and the gorgeous coastal plateaus near the quaint neighborhood of Gemswick. Conclude your tour with a relaxing one-hour stop back at Girlie Beach, where your e-bike excursion began. Here, you'll get to soak up the sun on its golden sands or enjoy taking a dip in the crystalline Caribbean waters. Take time to sink your teeth into homemade coconut bread and banana loaf or indulge in an exclusive island adventure rum punch before boarding your shuttle and returning to your port. If you're looking for a relaxing excursion that takes you to catch a unique perspective of Barbados' South Coast aboard an e-bike with the chance to soak up the sun on the beach, then this is a scenic tour you won't want to miss. Reserve your spot on this exciting e-bike excursion now, and get ready to enjoy Barbados' only bike and beach experience for a unique perspective of the island and unforgettable memories.
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5.71/ 10
3 hours
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5 minute walk from cruise ship terminal exit.
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