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New England Aquarium Theatre Admission

New England Aquarium Theatre Admission Experience the thrill of the silver screen in Boston while at the New England Aquarium with these discounted advance...


New England Aquarium Theatre Admission Experience the thrill of the silver screen in Boston while at the New England Aquarium with these discounted advance purchase tickets. The New England Aquarium's Theater features exciting films that will wow you with their impressive sound and clarity on New England's largest screen. Visit some of the Pacific Ocean's most pristine islands and atolls bursting with diversity in "Hidden Pacific." Explore jungles crawling with exotic animals before plunging beneath the ocean's surface to see the abundance of marine life in the coral reefs. Learn the storied history of the islands and discover their current role as environmental research centers. Follow the incredible journey of a spry young green sea turtle as it encounters astonishing ocean creatures on the adventure of a lifetime in "Turtle Odyssey." From hatching along sandy Australian beaches to gliding along ocean currents, watch as this remarkable reptile traverses thousands of miles of open ocean - and then migrates with mysterious precision back to the very beach where it was born. Russell Crowe narrates as researchers trek through these same aquatic wonderlands, encountering the majestic corals of the Great Barrier Reef and breathtaking breaching whales. Turtle Odyssey reminds us just how interconnected we all are with the ocean. The glittering oceans contain profound mysteries beneath the waves, and "Oceans: Our Blue Planet" reveals those breathtaking stories from the deep. From athletic dolphins at play to a clever octopushiding in plain sight, explore the dramatic events and intimate lives of the oceans' most extraordinary creatures. Through these encounters, we'll also discover how we all depend on the health of ouroceans, the largest environment on Earth. No matter which of these three adventures you choose, you'll be sure to have the thrill of a lifetime at the New England Aquarium Theater. Get these advance purchase tickets today to ensure your spot in the audience. Please Note: Film selections are subject to change.
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A taxi (not included, approximately $13 US each way) is necessary to reach the departure location.
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