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$56.00 each

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Rooftop Cocktail and Beach Experience

Rooftop Cocktail and Beach ExperienceYour day in St. Kitts will be one of discovering not only the island's beauty but tasting exotic craft cocktails made from...


Rooftop Cocktail and Beach ExperienceYour day in St. Kitts will be one of discovering not only the island's beauty but tasting exotic craft cocktails made from the hibiscus plant. Afterward, indulge yourself in relaxation when you are introduced to the scenic Cockleshell Beach, where you will find a beach lounger waiting for you.Board your comfortable, air-conditioned transportation at the cruise port and begin to make your way down the unspoiled southeast peninsula of the island. Make a stop at Timothy Hill with exhilarating views of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas, which almost touch on either side of the narrow strip of land. A selfie and Instagram moment are not to be missed while here; have your camera at the ready!Step back into your transportation and continue to enjoy the scenic drive down to the tip of St. Kitts where you will stop at a beachside restaurant and craft distillery. Make your way to the rooftop bar that provides amazing views of the beach and crystal clear the Caribbean Sea. Once you arrive, your friendly and knowledgeable host will explain the properties of the hibiscus rosella plant and demonstrate the process of extracting its delicious flavors for inclusion in the craft spirits made at the distillery. Caribbean people will know the flavor as Sorrel; in Mexico, it is called Flor de Jamaica.Next the fun really begins as your bartender will mix two or three sample cocktails from his own recipes for you to taste. Savor the delicious blend of botanical infusions creating drinks as you have never experienced before. Select your favorite and you will be given a full-size version to carry down to your waiting beach chair on beautiful Cockleshell Beach.Discover the inviting calm waters and smooth sand as you relax and indulge yourself on the beach. Enjoy the views of majestic Mt. Nevis across the narrow channel and perhaps take a leisurely stroll on the beach and purchase an additional drink or snack from the beach bar; the rest of the time is all up to you.When your time at the beach has come to an end, your transportation will return you to the pier area and your ship. Reminisce with your family or friends on the easy ride back as you recount this wonderful day experiencing perfect St. Kitts, tasting the flavors of the island and rejuvenating your spirit and soul on the beach.Please Note: Guests must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol. There will be non-alcoholic beverages provided for those guests under 21. There are restrooms available at the beach restaurant.
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