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Skip the Line Express Sagrada Familia

Skip the Line Express Sagrada FamiliaYour tour begins at La Sagrada Familia--one of the unique churches in the world - where you'll see the Basilica in all its...


Skip the Line Express Sagrada FamiliaYour tour begins at La Sagrada Familia--one of the unique churches in the world - where you'll see the Basilica in all its glory. It is here where you will learn from your guide about the troubling story of the church, its architectural elements, and details that most guidebooks omit. Then, skip the line to go inside via the Nativity Facade, which is the only entrance that Gaudi finished in his lifetime.During your tour, your guide will help you compare the different faces of the church, and show you the different ways that Gaudi's plans were interpreted since his death and how plans changed during his life too. You will learn about some of the controversies that have swirled around these interpretations.As you step inside the Basilica, observe the imprint Gaudi left behind; with its unique design throughout, your guide will explain how this singular genius--Gaudi- developed his style from both religious, natural, and cultural influences. You'll also learn about Gaudi's innovative use of light as you observe the rainbow-colored stained-glass windows that fill the sanctuary with an otherworldly atmosphere.There's no church in the world like the Sagrada Familia, and there was no architect quite like Gaudi. As you explore his legacy, you'll hear about his life; from humble beginnings to how he rose to the very heights of the Catalonian aristocracy through a combination of genius, know-how, friends in high places, and a nearly fanatical dedication to his religion. You will learn all about the man whose vision created and continues to create this building.This tour is a one of kind; perfect for anyone who doesn't have much time in Barcelona, but wants to do justice to its most impressive attraction.
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An approximately 20 minute taxi (not included, approximately 10 EUR each way) is required to reach your departure location.

Preparation Advice

As you will be visiting a religious or memorial site, shoulders and knees must be covered. Sensible, rubber-soled walking shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen are also suggested.
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