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Secret Food Tour in Athens

Secret Food Tour in AthensTraditional Greek food is popular all over the world and any visitor to Athens would surely be excited to try famous Greek food dishes...


Secret Food Tour in AthensTraditional Greek food is popular all over the world and any visitor to Athens would surely be excited to try famous Greek food dishes plus local delights like extraordinary fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, and of course some of the most delicious olives and extra virgin olive oil.Book this secret food tours Athens today and upon arrival be immediately immersed in new food experiences with unique local treats, as well as cultural insights into this amazing city. The food culture you will discover here is where people value authentic recipes and simple, fresh ingredients, making Greek and Mediterranean food so popular. Not only is the food healthy, but it's also delightfully delicious too.Set off for this Greek gastronomy tour and visit a vibrant local market, learn about the daily life in the city, and discover hidden gems not found in tourist guidebooks. Go where the locals like to eat with friends and family as you experience an authentic Greek food experience. Learn how the Greeks dine out and what makes Greek cuisine so unique and such an important part of the culture.Your professional, local, English-speaking guide is highly knowledgeable on Greek culinary history as well as the local food scene, and geography. Gain a unique insight into the food culture and the way Athenians enjoy everyday city life as you visit Monastiraki, the perfect neighborhood to start the tour due to its central and easily accessible location. While here you will enjoy "koulouri," a traditional bread ring and a must-try, Greek coffee.Then you are off to Psyrri, a vivid area with an artistic and bohemian flair, plenty of street art with thoughtful graffiti, and alternative art spaces in its hidden alleys. Visit the oldest bakery in Athens to sample a Greek cheese pie called "tiropita". At your next stop, a local spice shop, learn about the fresh herbs and spices used in Greek cooking.Downtown Athens is a unique combination of chaos, serenity, and tradition, and home to some of the most ancient "tavernas" in the city. In these local eateries, they serve some of the most delicious and authentic Greek food you will ever experience. At the local meat and fish market sample some fresh fish selections: shrimp, calamari, and sardines! After a taste of the sea, visit the vegetable market and try some Greek olives and extra virgin olive oil. Your next stop will include tasting saganaki Cesaria, a wonderful dish of eggs, cheese, sujuk (spicy sausage), and pastourma (local cured meat).Next, we sample a unique cold appetizer, tzatziki, with a favorite and delicious yogurt sauce. To end the tour, you can enjoy delicious galaktoboureko, phyllo, and custard creation. Plus, of course, there is a delicious secret dish too that will only be revealed to you before ending your tour.Please Note: Some of the itinerary can be subject to change, based on the locations and availability on a given day.
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Monastiraki Flea Market, a taxi ride will be required to reach the meeting location approximately 25-40 minutes away and not included in the price of the tour, approximate cost is 20-25EURO each way.

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We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and casual, comfortable weather-appropriate clothing. We also suggest a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen in the summer.
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