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Athens Acropolis and Skip the Line Acropolis Museum

Enjoy strolling through the ancient citadel of the Acropolis, admiring the historic architecture of the Parthenon and more when you book this half-day tour in...


Enjoy strolling through the ancient citadel of the Acropolis, admiring the historic architecture of the Parthenon and more when you book this half-day tour in Athens. Your guided tour is specially timed for the morning and comes with tickets that enable you to skip the line, so you are one of the first to experience these premier Athens attractions. This makes the perfect excursion for history buffs and early birds who want to avoid packed crowds. Learn about the history, art and architecture of the popular historical site and its attractions from your expert tour guide as you visit places like the Parthenon, the new Acropolis Museum, the Erechtheion, the Monumental Gateway, and more. Start your tour off as you make your way through the Acropolis with your local professional tour guide in this small group tour and head straight for the Parthenon, a historic site that served as Athens' religious center for more than a millennium. Your expert guide will share the history of this legendary site's architecture and its secrets, including why it's nearly impossible for modern architects to recreate it and demystify the long-lost building methods of its creators. Continue your journey to the ancient Greek temple of Erechtheion, the Ancient Greek temple dedicated to the sea god Poseidon and the Greek goddess of warfare and wisdom, Athena. Legend has it that the Erechtheion served as the locations where these Greek gods battled to be Athena's patrons. Explore Athens' former civic center, the Greek Agora, as well as the theater of Herodes Atticus, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Theater of Dionysus, the world's oldest theater. Your tour concludes with a guided visit of the new Acropolis Museum, gaze on Caryatids and the Parthenon Marbles, a collection of marble structures that depict war battles, made in Greece's Classical era. You will have plenty of time to explore its marvelous wonders and admire the exhibits and the underground excavations. Be provided free time to enjoy lunch in the cafe at your leisure (at your own expense and choice). If you're looking for a way to avoid the crowds, this is a cultural tour you don't want to pass up. Book your excursion today and take in the historic sites of the Acropolis, the Parthenon and more when you visit Athens leading attractions. Please Note: Your tour ends inside the New Acropolis Museum
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