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Ancient Corinth

Step back in time as you spend half of a day venturing through the ancient town of Corinth when you take this exciting cultural tour. It's the ideal tour for...


Step back in time as you spend half of a day venturing through the ancient town of Corinth when you take this exciting cultural tour. It's the ideal tour for history enthusiasts thanks to the many ancient sites you'll see, including the Temple of Apollo and the Peirene Fountain. You'll also pass by the Corinth Canal and pass by sites where Saint Paul preached, such as the seaside town of Kenchreai. Begin your trek to the ancient town of Corinth, with a scenic drive from Athens along its beautiful coast. On the way, you'll pass gorgeous beaches and the Athens suburbs of Dafni and Elefsis. You'll make a quick first stop at the Corinth Canal, which offers spectacular views of its cerulean blue waters and narrow rock passage. Built in the late 19th-century, the four-feet long Corinth Canal connects the Corinth and Saronic Gulfs and measures 70 feet wide. Make your way to the ancient town of Corinth, where Saint Paul once preached and lived for over a year. Ancient Corinth once was a rich city that also served as a major trade center, and present-day relics and ruins demonstrate its grandeur, including the large Agora marketplace. You'll also stroll through this archaeological site and explore other points of interest, such as the Peirene Fountain and the colossal Temple of Apollo, which was erected in 500 BC under the reign of Corinth's first tyrant ruler. Conclude your tour with a scenic drive on your way back to your port in Athens, where you'll pass Kenchreai, a seaside port town that Saint Paul first landed on his second missionary quest. With all the sites you can explore, this is a worthwhile tour you don't want to miss. Book your cultural tour of Ancient Corinth, today and explore its ancient sites for an unforgettable experience. Please Note: This tour provides cruise pier pick-up; however, the tour concludes in Downtown Athens and guests will be responsible for their own transportation back to the ship at their own expense.
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We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended
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