Wonder of the Seas Wonderland

Royal Caribbean

Below you will find the Wonderland on the Wonder of the Seas.

Wonderland Wonder of the Seas


Get ready for a meal that goes far beyond ordinary.

Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine is all about pushing the culinary envelope. Dishes are designed to tantalize your taste buds and present a visual feast. Find crispy crab cones topped with fluffy avocado mousse, gazpacho served with pepper spheres and bread foam, and dreamy desserts that will take your breath away. Pair your meal with cocktails described as “magical” elixirs crafted to deliver full-sensory experiences.

Which deck has the Wonderland on the Wonder of the Seas?

You’ll find the Wonderland on the ship’s Deck 11 and Deck 12.

Is the Wonderland free with my cruise purchase?

No, this restaurants requires an additional fee and is not included in your cruise purchase. See below for pricing details and information on “how to book” this restaurant.

How much does the Wonderland cost on the Wonder of the Seas?

A pricing guide is provided based on a scale of one to four dollar signs. One dollar sign ($) is the least expensive and four ($$$$) is the most expensive. The Wonderland ranks 3 dollar signs $$$.

Pro TipBrush the menu at the entrance of restaurant with a paintbrush dipped in water and watch as each dish appears on the page.

How do I make reservations for Wonderland on the Wonder of the Seas?

Cruise Planners and Royal App

What is the dress code for Wonderland?

When enjoying Wonderland, feel free to wear attire matching Royal Caribbean's 'smart casual' dress code. This will be slightly dressier than your standard dinner attire. As as example, consider collared shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses, or pantsuits. Jackets, sports coats and blazers are snazzy and welcomed.

~ Menu Highlights
Once you “brush” the menu at Wonderland, you’ll get to choose dishes based on five natural elements — Earth, Sea, Fire, Ice and Sun. If you love spice and smoky flavors, opt for something from the Fire section, like the Buffalo chicken eggs or the crispy Shrimp kataifi with scotch bonnet pepper. If you’re in the mood for something chilled and refreshing, try the red and white Tuna sashimi or the Oceanic citrus with yuzu granite from the Ice section. You’ll find the heartiest options in the Sea and Earth sections, like Liquid lobster served with bone marrow and caviar, branzino prepared with tamarind spice emulsion, and Berkshire pork belly paired with apples and cracklin.

Click here for Wonderland Menu Sample.

Which Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships offer the Wonderland?

You can find the Wonderland on the following Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships.

Anthem Of The Seas
Harmony Of The Seas
Odyssey Of The Seas
Ovation Of The Seas
Symphony Of The Seas
Utopia Of The Seas
Wonder Of The Seas

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