Wonder of the Seas AquaTheater

Royal Caribbean

Below you will find the AquaTheater on the Wonder of the Seas.

AquaTheater Wonder of the Seas


Jaw-dropping theater and performances.

The AquaTheater is featured on all Oasis Class ships. The venue itself is stunning. You'll watch this amazing show from the rear of the ship in arena-style seating overlooking the vast ocean in your wake. The narrow pools can actually be adjusted to allow for a greater depth! When maxed out, the pools can get to 18 feet. That's the deepest pools at sea, by far. AquaTheater is one of the ship's technological marvels. In addition to the hydraulic lifts mentioned earlier, the venue also features brilliant lighting, audio, and even underwater cameras.

Which deck has the AquaTheater on the Wonder of the Seas?

You’ll find the AquaTheater on the ship’s Deck 6.

Is the AquaTheater free with my cruise purchase?

Yes, this activities is included with your cruise purchase.

Pro TipThe first couple rows are considered the "splash zone." Only sit here if you're willing to get a little wet.

What is the dress code for AquaTheater?

Come as you are to the AquaTheater. The dress code is casual. Most people come from or before dinner, and wear the standard dining room attire. If you're seated in the front couple rows, know that you could get wet.

Which Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships offer the AquaTheater?

You can find the AquaTheater on the following Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships.

Allure Of The Seas
Icon Of The Seas
Oasis Of The Seas
Symphony Of The Seas
Utopia Of The Seas
Wonder Of The Seas

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