Voyager of the Seas Ice Odyssey

Royal Caribbean

Below you will find the Ice Odyssey on the Voyager of the Seas.

Ice Odyssey Voyager of the Seas

Ice Odyssey

Get ready for a deck full of jaw-dropping moves — Ice Odyssey will unveil what’s written in the cards.

Tarot cards have been used by mystics and seers for centuries to predict the future, unveil hidden prophecies and gain insight into the distant past. Watch and be amazed as our professional ice skaters bring the cards’ magic, mystery and rich history to life during this unforgettable ice skating show. From dazzling costumes to awe-inspiring stunts and spellbinding choreography, this is one show-stopping performance you don’t want to miss.

Which deck has the Ice Odyssey on the Voyager of the Seas?

You’ll find the Ice Odyssey on the ship’s Deck 2.

Is the Ice Odyssey free with my cruise purchase?

Yes, this shows is included with your cruise purchase.

Pro TipSpace is limited for the Ice Odyssey show. To assure your admittance, log onto your Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and reserve your ticket three months prior to your sail date. This is the earliest that the booking portal is made available.

How do I make reservations for Ice Odyssey on the Voyager of the Seas?

Make reservations for the Ice Odyssey show through Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner. You'll have access to this online reservation portal at the three month point prior to your sail date. Each guest can reserve one ticket. You'll have the ability to reserve your ticket up until four days prior to departure. Once on board, you can still get seats at the Box Office if any remain.

What is the dress code for Ice Odyssey?

Typically, cruisers go from dinner to Ice Odyssey. Or, they'll go directly from this venue to the dining room. You'll fit in well with dinner attire.

Which Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships offer the Ice Odyssey?

You can find the Ice Odyssey on the following Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships.

Voyager Of The Seas

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