Odyssey of the Seas Teppanyaki

Royal Caribbean

Below you will find the Teppanyaki on the Odyssey of the Seas.

Teppanyaki Odyssey of the Seas


Feast your eyes on incredible Asian dishes prepared right at your table.

At Teppanyaki, the experience isn’t just about delicious flavors and dishes designed to tempt your tastebuds —it’s also about impeccable presentation and dazzling displays that surprise and delight. The expert chefs at this specialty restaurant elevate cooking to a performance art form, and you get a front-row seat at the best culinary show at sea. There’s something for everyone here, including fresh seafood options like succulent scallops and steaming lobster, top-quality Wagyu beef and NY strip steak seared to perfection, and juicy chicken breast paired with tiger shrimp —all cooked in front of you and served with tantalizing housemade dipping sauces like Konbuponzu and tangy ginger onion.

Which deck has the Teppanyaki on the Odyssey of the Seas?

You’ll find the Teppanyaki on the ship’s Deck 14.

Is the Teppanyaki free with my cruise purchase?

No, this restaurants requires an additional fee and is not included in your cruise purchase. See below for pricing details and information on “how to book” this restaurant.

How much does the Teppanyaki cost on the Odyssey of the Seas?

A pricing guide is provided based on a scale of one to four dollar signs. One dollar sign ($) is the least expensive and four ($$$$) is the most expensive. The Teppanyaki ranks 2 dollar signs $$.

Pro TipWant to pair your meal with the perfect sip? Ask to see a cocktail or sake menu.

How do I make reservations for Teppanyaki on the Odyssey of the Seas?

To reserve Teppanyaki, you can use Royal Caribbean's online booking portal known as 'Cruise Planner.' This will be made available to you after your cruise purchase and for a period before you sail. Typically, access is granted three months prior. If you don't yet see the ability to purchase this specialty dining option, check back again regularly. If any seats are still available at the time of your cruise, reservations can also be made on board.

What is the dress code for Teppanyaki?

When enjoying Teppanyaki, feel free to wear attire matching Royal Caribbean's 'smart casual' dress code. This will be slightly dressier than your standard dinner attire. As as example, consider collared shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses, or pantsuits. Jackets, sports coats and blazers are snazzy and welcomed.

~ Menu Highlights
Every meal at Teppanyaki begins with craveworthy complimentary starters like crisp greens with tangy ginger dressing, piping hot miso soup, flavorful vegetable fried rice, and tart Japanese pickles. You can also order some appetizers to share, like jumbo crispy softshell crab or fresh assorted sashimi to prep your palate for the main event — teppanyaki entrees cooked right at your table. You can choose from combinations that include chicken breast paired with tiger shrimp or NY strip steak, sea scallops or abalone paired with lobster, or a splurge-worthy cut of top-quality Wagyu A4 beef. For dessert, you’ll have your pick of sweet treats ranging from freshly cut fruit to crispy, chewy sesame balls and a refreshing chilled mochi sampler.

Click here for Teppanyaki Menu Sample.

Which Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships offer the Teppanyaki?

You can find the Teppanyaki on the following Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships.

Odyssey Of The Seas
Spectrum Of The Seas

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