Harmony of the Seas Escape The Rubicon

Royal Caribbean

Below you will find the Escape The Rubicon on the Harmony of the Seas.

Escape The Rubicon Harmony of the Seas

Escape The Rubicon

The entire room is a mystery to unravel in Escape the Rubicon

There are some puzzles you solve and there are some puzzles you ESCAPE! In the new and exclusive Escape The Rubicon, you will be transported to another world and another time. Collaborate with friends, old and new, as you attempt to find the hidden clues needed to solve a collection of puzzles that will eventually unravel the mystery of the Rubicon! With only 60 minutes of life-support, the suspense builds with every tick of the clock. The final seconds will decide your fate. Question: Will you escape? And if not, what then?

Which deck has the Escape The Rubicon on the Harmony of the Seas?

You’ll find the Escape The Rubicon on the ship’s Deck 14.

Is the Escape The Rubicon free with my cruise purchase?

No, this activities requires an additional fee and is not included in your cruise purchase. See below for pricing details and information on “how to book” this restaurant.

How much does the Escape The Rubicon cost on the Harmony of the Seas?

A pricing guide is provided based on a scale of one to four dollar signs. One dollar sign ($) is the least expensive and four ($$$$) is the most expensive. The Escape The Rubicon ranks 1 dollar sign $.

Does the Escape The Rubicon on the Harmony of the Seas have age restrictions?

To enjoy Royal Caribbean's Escape the Rubicon, guests must be at least 12 years of age.

How do I make reservations for Escape The Rubicon on the Harmony of the Seas?

Reservations Required

To reserve Escape The Rubicon, you can use Royal Caribbean's online booking portal known as 'Cruise Planner.' This will be made available to you after your cruise purchase and for a period before you sail. Typically, access is granted three months prior. If you don't yet see the ability to purchase this specialty dining option, check back again regularly. If any seats are still available at the time of your cruise, reservations can also be made on board.

What is the dress code for Escape The Rubicon?

To participate in laser tag, you'll want to wear athletic gear. Sneakers are also requested. Expect to be moving around quite a bit.

Which Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships offer the Escape The Rubicon?

You can find the Escape The Rubicon on the following Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ships.

Harmony Of The Seas
Symphony Of The Seas

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