Carnival Panorama Liquid Lounge Nightclub


Below you will find the Liquid Lounge Nightclub on the Carnival Panorama.

Liquid Lounge Nightclub Carnival Panorama

Liquid Lounge Nightclub

on the Carnival Panorama

Get up and get down at the most happenin’ club in the Caribbean. Our DJs are spinning today’s hottest hits and yesterday’s retro jams, guaranteed to get you out of your seat and tapping your feet. (Hey, that rhymed!) Whether you’re doing the robot or the worm or just swaying to the music, you’ll want to dance ‘til the sun rises. Or at least ‘til last call. (Some people are born with all the right moves, but the rest of us need a little instruction to smooth the sharp edges off of ours. That’s why you’ll find a host of free dance classes that sail along with you!)

Which deck has the Liquid Lounge Nightclub on the Carnival Panorama?

You’ll find the Liquid Lounge Nightclub on the ship’s Deck 4 and Deck 5.

Is the Liquid Lounge Nightclub free with my cruise purchase?

Yes, this activities is included with your cruise purchase.

Does the Liquid Lounge Nightclub on the Carnival Panorama have age restrictions?

To enjoy the Nightclub on Carnival ships, guests will need to be at least 18 years old after 10pm.

What is the dress code for Liquid Lounge Nightclub?

When enjoying the Nightclub, you can dress in Carnival's requested 'Cruise Casual' attire. This includes the following recommendations. Gentlemen: dress pants, jeans, elegant shorts, polo shirts; Ladies: casual dresses, skirts or trousers and blouses, summer dresses, capris, elegant shorts, jeans. Carnival requests no tracksuit trowsers, basketball shorts, flip-flops, bathing clothes or cut-off jeans. Also, feel free to attend in more formal attire on elegant nights.

Which Carnival Cruise Line Ships offer the Liquid Lounge Nightclub?

You can find the Liquid Lounge Nightclub on the following Carnival Cruise Line Ships.

Carnival Breeze
Carnival Panorama
Carnival Sunrise
Carnival Sunshine

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