Carnival Jubilee Cloud 9 Spa


Below you will find the Cloud 9 Spa on the Carnival Jubilee.

Cloud 9 Spa Carnival Jubilee

Cloud 9 Spa

on the Carnival Jubilee

Sometimes you just need to get away… from all that vacation. We know — sitting at home, it’s hard to imagine that, but trust us — it’s really, really nice to have a place to unwind from the day’s excitement. Escape to a world designed, from the ground up, for relaxation. Cloud 9 Spa™ staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists) trained in the craft of simply helping you chill. What’s their secret? Massages, facials, body wraps, thermal suites and more — plus, on certain ships, the amazing Hydrotherapy Pool — these are the tools of the trade. And the trade is ultimate relaxation.

Which deck has the Cloud 9 Spa on the Carnival Jubilee?

You’ll find the Cloud 9 Spa on the ship’s Deck 5 and Deck 6.

Is the Cloud 9 Spa free with my cruise purchase?

No, this activities requires an additional fee and is not included in your cruise purchase. See below for pricing details and information on “how to book” this restaurant.

Does the Cloud 9 Spa on the Carnival Jubilee have age restrictions?

To enjoy Cloud 9 Spa and all Carnival Spa services, guests must be at least 18 years old. Valid ID with birth date will be required at the start of your cruise for age verification.

What is the dress code for Cloud 9 Spa?

When enjoying Cloud 9 Spa and other spa services, you can dress in standard spa attire. Common dress includes bathing suits with a cover up or robe. This makes it easy to undress for spa treatments or a dip in the whirlpool.

Which Carnival Cruise Line Ships offer the Cloud 9 Spa?

You can find the Cloud 9 Spa on the following Carnival Cruise Line Ships.

Carnival Breeze
Carnival Celebration
Carnival Dream
Carnival Horizon
Carnival Jubilee
Carnival Luminosa
Carnival Luminosa
Carnival Magic
Carnival Mardi Gras
Carnival Panorama
Carnival Radiance
Carnival Splendor
Carnival Sunrise
Carnival Sunshine
Carnival Venezia
Carnival Vista

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