Carnival Horizon IMAX


Below you will find the IMAX on the Carnival Horizon.

IMAX Carnival Horizon


on the Carnival Horizon

To compare the IMAX® experience to “just seeing a movie” is like calling a Carnival cruise “just a vacation.” It sounds right… but experienced folks know better. That’s why stepping into the IMAX Theatre you’ll find on a Carnival cruise is more like taking a brief escape from life. On the other side of the amazing screen you’ll find a world of first­ run Hollywood blockbusters, recent hit films and IMAX documentaries, all in a huge format that makes normal theaters look like your smartphone screen. And the only place you’ll find IMAX at sea? On a Carnival cruise. Action! Tip: Everyone’s welcome here, but remember to check each movie’s rating.

Which deck has the IMAX on the Carnival Horizon?

You’ll find the IMAX on the ship’s Deck 7.

Is the IMAX free with my cruise purchase?

No, this activities requires an additional fee and is not included in your cruise purchase. See below for pricing details and information on “how to book” this restaurant.

Does the IMAX on the Carnival Horizon have age restrictions?

All ages are welcomed at the IMAX theater. The price is discounted for children under 12 and adults over 55.

Which Carnival Cruise Line Ships offer the IMAX?

You can find the IMAX on the following Carnival Cruise Line Ships.

Carnival Horizon
Carnival Vista

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