Carnival Freedom Covid Updates

Here you'll find all the latest Covid-19 News, Policy Updates, Cancellations, and Available Cruises for the Carnival Freedom.

Carnival Freedom

Please note that the following Carnival Freedom Covid updates are likely to change. We'll continue to update this resource with braking news from Carnival Cruise Lines, the CDC, Cruise Lines International Association and other reputable sources of information.

Carnival Freedom Cancellations

Carnival Cruise Lines has cancelled the following cruises for the Carnival Freedom

Carnival Cruise Lines has cancelled those sailings through and including April 10, 2021- last updated by Carnival Cruise Line on January 1st, 2021

Carnival Freedom Resume Cruise Schedule

When will Carnival Freedom resume cruises after Covid-19? This ship's schedule has been continuously updated with Coronavirus news. Currently the cruiseline is showing the date below as the first available cruise for Carnival Freedom after Covid lockdown.

Carnival Freedom First Available Cruise

April 11th, 2021

The above "first sailing date" for the Carnival Freedom is based on our latest information from the cruiseline. This date is available for purchase as of today.